The Many Faces of Nazaury Delgado

Nazaury Delgado is a digital artist from the Bronx who uses Photoshop to create evocative and surreal images.

He begins the process with a photograph of himself or others, which he then overlays with another photo collage. The entire composition is then faded together to make the final product.

Delgado is nineteen years old and is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology on a full scholarship.

While he was a participant in an arts program for at-risk teens in the Bronx, Delgado’s teachers were amazed when they saw the digital photographs that he had created on his iPod Touch.

One of them, Neil Waldman, said of his art that “There are some people who have an innate ability to create spectacle, something innate that you can’t teach.”

In this post, we’ve compiled some of his most exceptional works that are sure to inspire you… Further information and links can be found below the image collection.

Delgado’s work was brought to WDD’s attention thanks to a post we did a while back for Jordan S. Dill. Jordan has since created a page for Nazaury on his website to collect donations to support this amazing artist.

You can read more about Delgado’s story in this New York Times article.

Nazaury Delgado’s websites are located at and

Many thanks to Cheryl Blanchard for helping us connect with Jordan S. Dill and Nazaury Delgado.

What do you think of Delgado’s art? Please share your views below…

  • Adit Gupta

    Wow!! absolutely stunning! and he’s just 19!! This really proves that age has nothing to do with talent. :)

  • Callum Chapman

    Interesting stuff, I really like the style! :)

    • Nazaury Delgado

      thank you

  • Thomas Craig Consulting

    I am always amazed at the quality of work and details that goes into graphic design. Exceptional work.

  • Robert

    He’s good!

  • Dre

    I would enjoy a PS tennis match with Nazaury, or a mural collaboration.

  • Melody

    Is it a form of photo collaging? Ok, so how do you get your work showcased here? Yes, this is a shameless plug, hell I admit it lol..Please check out my work:

  • Darival

    Wonderfull, he has really talent. Very good!!

  • Tom – Airopia

    Pretty cool, and different.

  • Nick

    Nice work. A good ability to mix colors and textures

  • New York Web Designer

    Excellent Collection.. Am inspired with lots of idea for my projects.. I really appreciate it for bringing up this awesome collection.

  • e11world

    This is truly amazing. I think that it is simple to do but you need to have the patience to try different things. Really nice work and thanks for putting it out there.

  • Creative Design Studio

    Amazing!!!!! Great pictures!

  • js

    sorry, not a fan. Manipulations look sloppy.

  • Billy

    I can’t believe this artist is only 19 years old, Fantastic work, lots to look forward to in the future then! I’ll watch out for his name

  • timur

    too much clutter

  • DQ


  • DSM Design

    Gorgeous work!

  • yusran

    very very very inspirative