The Mesmerizing Art of Jordan S. Dill

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Dec. 02, 2009

Jordan S. Dill is a visual artist and editor of the Native American Village.

Jordan is a mixed-blood, non-enrolled Tsalagi (Cherokee) of Irish, English and Tsalagi heritage, living on Mt. Hunger in Vermont.

His art, fanciful and mesmerizing, is an ongoing narrative about the woods surrounding Mt. Hunger in Vermont, or what he calls the “Court of Leaves”.

On his website he documents the characters of the Court in each piece, describing them with a poem or with his own impressions.

We’ve collected a few pieces of his extraordinary art for this post that really take the viewer through an experience much like Alice in Wonderland.

Please share your impressions of Jordan’s art in the comments below…