40 Colorful and Abstract IPad Wallpapers

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Aug. 06, 2010

At this stage, I’m sure not a single reader here needs a definition of Apple’s new revolutionary device; the iPad.

You all know what it is, and you all know what it does – whether you see a purpose for it or not. It hasn’t been around for all that long, in fact only a matter of weeks in some countries, yet iPad owners already have a huge selection of inspirational and beautiful backgrounds to choose from to brighten up their iPads, both digital and photographic ones.

Please note that iPad wallpapers are square (their default size is 1024×1024 pixels) so that they work both vertically and horizontally when the iPad is flipped from side to side.

This round-up consists of 40 quality abstract and colorful iPad wallpapers and backgrounds, ready for you to download and use for free.

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman.

What do you think of these designs? Also, share other great iPad wallpapers below…