Winners of Custom Stickers From Sticker Mule

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Sep. 01, 2010

After more than 300 comments on last week’s Sticker Mule giveaway, we finally have the results.

As you know, Sticker Mule makes awesome custom stickers in all different shapes and sizes as well as skins that you could use, for example, for your laptop, iPhone or iPad. These are not only great fun, but can also be used as excellent promotional tools, or even gifts.

Each of the 5 winners has won a voucher worth $100, which can be applied to any of Sticker Mule’s stickers or skins.

The winners were selected at random and you can check the results after the jump.

Here are the winners:

#5 – Frederic Laforge
#197 – BlackSunForge
#188 – Mel
#84 – Evan henderson
#99 – Alejo

All winners will be contacted via email with details as to how to claim their prizes. Thanks to everyone for participating!

You can find out more about these awesome custom stickers and skins at Sticker Mule. You can also follow them on Twitter @stickermule.