Inspiration: A Dozen Awesome Etsy Artists

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January 20, 2011

Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters, artisans, and artists from more than 150 countries to sell their handcrafted wares.

While some of the products sold on Etsy are cringe-worthy (check out if you don't believe me), a lot of Etsy sellers are incredibly talented individuals.

Currently, there are over 400,000 sellers on Etsy, and more than 6.4 million total users.

There are hundreds of fantastic fine artists on Etsy, so be sure to check out the various Art categories for more inspiration!

Below are a dozen fantastic Etsy artists who sell prints, original paintings, illustrations, and drawings.


DWITT, created by David Witt, a veteran of the comic book, rock poster, gallery, bookstore and gaming worlds, has a distinctive style that is understandably evocative of gig posters and graphic novels. His work is visually stunning, with thick outlines and bold colors. He also has pieces available that are more reminiscent of watercolor paintings, though they're still much bolder than what many of us have come to think of as "watercolor".

Surly Darkness 2009 original drawing ($350)

Inspiration Strikes - Female - limited edition screenprint ($10)

Lets Make a Deal limited edition Deadwood themed screen print ($20)

Old Elegant Tree Face Portrait limited edition art print ($20)

Rogue Valley -Spring- album release show screenprinted poster ($20)

2. Chasing the Crayon

ChasingtheCrayon, from Tracey Long, and illustrator in the UK, offers fantastic pencil and watercolor illustrations, with occasional collage additions. Her pieces are narrative, and the characters featured in them are whimsical, playful, and quite surreal at times.

Deer in a jacket 8x11 Print ($19)

Bear, Deer, Fox, Trees illustration Print 8x11 ($19)

Bears and Baron Munchausen illustration print 8x11 ($19)

Cake Hole Print 8x11, Illustration ($19)

Print Night before Christmas illustration 8x11 ($19)

3. The Little Fox

The Little Fox is an artist based in the UK that creates whimsical illustrations of girls of an unspecified age who are simultaneously girly and serious. The illustrations have muted color palettes, most with dashes of red.

The Curious Croquet-Ground Print ($16)

The Book Fairy Print ($16)

Baby Owl Print ($16)

Sometimes A Sailor Print ($16)

Lost In A Sea Of Love Print ($16)

4. Ingrid Padilla

Ingrid Padilla is a mixed media artist living in southern California. Her ink and paint artwork is incredibly colorful and abstract. She also does mosaic work.

Whimsical letter C funky Art Print "It's a Beauty" ($20)

Belle - print ($12)

English Funky Print of my paint and ink drawing ($20)

Taxi - An Original abstract Painting on 27x18 canvas ($145)

Birdo - the monster series ($10)

5. The Nebulous Kingdom

TheNebulousKingdom, created by Anne-Julie Aubry, is a wonderfully dark and surreal shop, with beautiful illustrations created both traditionally and digitally. The girls she creates remind one of fairy tales, though the Grimm versions rather than the Disney ones.

Illumination - open edition print ($15)

Little Red and the Wolf 37/100 ($30)

The Red Room ($25)

As She Carries 7/100 ($30)

Come sweet Death 18/100 ($30)

6. Studio Mela

Studio Mela offers beautiful, bold graphic prints, often with bright colors and a whimsical aesthetic. Typography also plays a huge part in her work, and many of the pieces have a retro or vintage feel.

The Bright Side ($20)

Utopia ($20)

Dylan ($20)

Imagination (Boy) ($20)

Curiosity ($20)

7. Kristiana Parn

Kristiana Parn sells paintings and prints with a simple, whimsical style that borders on minimalistic at times. Her current style has evolved to create the impression of light and air within her work. The backgrounds are created by applying pigment to damp wood blocks, with objects then painted and drawn over them.

Marshmallow Garden ($20)

Poppies ($20)

Where Are You Fox ($20)

Something is in the Air ($20)

Feeding Birds ($20)

8. LauraGeorge

LauraGeorge is a Chicago-based artist and illustrator who creates whimsical drawings and paintings, most with a muted color scheme. Her work is abstract at times, and often includes typography and lettering.

Raindrop Friends ($15)

Beard Full Of Love ($15)

The Woods ($15)

You're Doing Everything Right ($20)

Pink Worm Listens To Some Jams ($20)

9. Linda Christine Norton

Linda Christine Norton is an artist from Arizona who creates beautiful original paintings and giclées, often featuring horses and/or women. The color palettes are beautifully subtle, and the overall aesthetic is soft and slightly ethereal.

Dame Le Chat ($38)

Desert Spirit Deer giclee ($18)

Primrose Path Horse Print ($18)

Large Starlight Horse print ($38)

Untitled Figure Original Painting ($180)

10. Artwork by Melissa Moss

Melissa Moss creates wonderfully surreal paintings with a definite organic look and feel. The color schemes are dark and a little foreboding, and the subjects often appear dangerous, though not overtly so.

Not Again Original Painting ($150)

Used to Be Me Original Painting ($150)

Dying Inside Original Painting ($120)

Underlings Print ($25)

Just You and Me Tree Print ($25)

11. Yellena

Yellena creates beautiful artwork that mostly consists of colorful organic shapes and lines. It's reminiscent of sci-fi and fantasy, and is gorgeously abstract.

Silk - Print ($20)

Spore - Print ($20)

You and Me - Print ($20)

Arise - Print ($20)

Candy - Print ($20)

12. Obsolete World

The art of Obsolete World evokes the macabre without actually being so. It's dark and surreal, with made-up figures and interesting takes on the traditional. The pieces all have a soft, ethereal quality to them, and are as beautiful as they are fantastical. Think The Nightmare Before Christmas if it was done in watercolor.

Spider And I ($25)

You Will Still Be Here Tomorrow Buy Your Dreams May Not ($25)

Stray Thought Conductor ($10)

The Dark World Without ($18)

A Mindful Installation ($18)

Written and compiled exclusively for WDD by Cameron Chapman.

Have a favorite Etsy artist that wasn't featured? Share in the comments!

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