30+ Design Apps on the Mac App Store

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April 12, 2011

The Mac App Store opened for business on January 6, 2011 with 1,000 apps.

Designers will be happy to know that there is an entire category devoted to Graphic & Design Apps.

While some Apps may cross-over into other categories such as Photography, Utilities, and Developer, there is a growing list of Graphic & Design Apps and new titles are literally added every day.

Users can login with their iTunes password and can purchase a new application and download it immediately without the need for serial numbers and time-consuming installation processes. They’re also updated automatically through the Mac App store.

In this post we bring you a selection of some great Graphic & Design Apps found in the Mac App store. 


Acorn is a Mac App for adding text and shapes to digital pictures.

$49.99 by Flying Meat, Inc.


Alpha is a Mac App for image compositions and is integrated with Aperture and iPhoto.

$229.99 by cf/​x AG

Art Directors Toolkit

Art Directors Toolkit, a Mac App for web and print design projects providing calculations and information for designers with 8 utilities and 3 tools. Color libraries and CMYK info.

$19.99 by Code Line


Diagrammix is a new Mac App for creating diagrams with assorted art elements and connectors.

$14.99 by Igor Belyaletdinov

Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo Design Studio Pro is a new Mac App for creating logos with over 1000 pre-designed logo templates and 2800 logo-centric vector graphics.

$39.99 by Macware, Inc.


Griddle is a new Mac app that lets you customize grid size and create grid layers with discrete line colors, opacity and style settings.

$0.99 by Pixel Grid Generator

MacDraft PE6

MacDraft PE 6 is a new Mac app that lets you create complex or simple vector drawings.

$99.99 by Microspot


Mosaic is a new Mac app where you can create images assembled from tiles and modernistic assemblages of rectangles and lines. You can export to most common image formats and upload to social web sites.

$19.99 from cf/​x AG

Jumsoft Stationery

Jumsoft Stationery is a new Mac app with 100 templates for Apple Mail created by designers.

$9.99 by Jumsoft

Layers Shots

Layers Shots is a new Mac app which lets you capture complete web pages and the content of most Mac applications windows even if the content isn’t visible.

$4.99 by Wuonm Web Services SL

PanaFont 1.0

PanaFont is a new Mac app which displays all the installed fonts on your computer and lets you see what text looks like in any font. You can print out a sample of your entire font library.

$7.99 by Random Video, Inc


Intaglio is a new Mac app. A full featured graphics editor for Mac OSX with advanced graphics capabilities, import and export features and support for Mac OSX technologies.

$39.99 by Purgatory Design

maPhotoArtista — Oil

PhotoArista is a Mac app that enables you to transform a photograph into a paint style.

$9.99 by JixiPix Software

Eye Splatter Paint

Eye Splatter Paint is a Mac app that allows you to splatter paint with your iSight or web camera

$0.99 by Dustin O’Connor

Icns Editor

icns Editor is a Mac app where you can create an icon to your Mac application.

$1.99 by Imre Katai

Image Bucket

Image Bucket is a Mac App which makes it possible to resize and convert multiple images at a time.

$1.99 by ilia language services ltd


Colorschemer is a Mac App which allows you to find the perfect palette for your next creative project.

$19.99 by CHROMAom, Inc


PixAM is a Mac app and a one click screenshot sharing tool.

Free by Sergey Bolshedvorshky

Strata Design 3D SE

Strata Design 3D SE is a 3D design application – modeling, texturing,lighting and rendering.

$49.99 by Strata Web Site


Artboard is a Mac App and Vector drawing software.

$19.99 by Mapdiva LLC

Live Interior 3D

Live Interior 3D is a Mac App which lets you design interior designs of houses and offices.

$24.99 by Belight Software Ltd


ResizeIt is a Mac App which lets you change the size of multiple images and convert file formats.

Free by Nobouatsu Sekine

Jumsoft Expert for Pages

Jumsoft Expert for Pages contains 80 layouts for documents.

$79.99 by Jumsoft

3D Image Commander

3D Image Commander is a Mac App which lets you add 3D effects to images.

$16.99 by Eugene Kryukov


Dragonfly is a new Mac App which lets webdesigners and media artists select up to eight different colors and see them side by side.

$3.99 by Mr. Fridge Software

Screen Ruler

Screen Ruler is a new Mac App which makes it simple to get accurate pixel measurements.

$2.99 by Sprightly Software


VintageScene is a Mac App for creating special effects to photos given them an old look.

$7.99 by JixiPix Software


SketchMee is a pencil sketch generator.

$7.99 by Studio Mee

Business Card Composer 5

Business Card Composer 5 is a Mac App for creating business cards and name badges.

$34.99 by Belight Software, ltd


Pixelmator is a Mac App for creating, editing and enhancing images.

$59.99 by UAB Pixelmator Team


Sketch is a Mac App vector editing application which you can use to slice, style elements and text within one document.

$39.99 by Bohemian Coding


DrawIt is a Mac App for vector editing with support for bitmap-like image filters.

$37.99 by Bohemian Coding

List compiled exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Debbie Hemley. Debbie is a blogger and social media aficionado. She works with businesses to develop content and social media strategies. Read her blog posts on All the News. You can also follow Debbie on Twitter (@dhemley).

Have you purchased Graphic & Design Apps on the Mac App Store? What are some of your recommendations?

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