Striking Three Dimensional Glass Paintings

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Apr. 25, 2011

The amazing artwork showcased in this post consist of layers upon layers of glass, each and every one of which has been painted on.

Only when the glass is viewed in the correct order and from the right position is the true image really seen.

The post features two incredibly talented artists: American David Spriggs who focuses on explosive work, featuring fireworks, storms and blast like images.

The second artist is Chinese Xia Xiao Wan who takes a completely different and more disturbing approach to his work, with all of his 3D glass paintings featuring distorted and deformed figures.

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David Spriggs


Xia Xiao Wan

This post was put together exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman, founder of Picmix Store, a store that sells minimalist posters to help raise money for charity and support young designers.

What are your thoughts on both artists’ work? Please share with us in the comments!