Impressive Destructive Art by Vhils

Marcos Torres By Marcos Torres  |  Jun. 24, 2011

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, also known as “Vhils” is an incredible sculptor and graffiti artist who is challenging assumptions by creating artwork using destructive methods.

He started out as a graffiti artist but got tired of illegally touching up walls. So, he turned his attention to billboards, painting them all white and then putting his own artwork on top, usually as a critique of consumerism and advertising.

During one of his “interventions,” he found that walls, metals and other hard material could be used to equally interesting effect.

The awesome videos below demonstrate part of his working process, including a video clip that he did in partnership with the Portuguese band Orelha Negra, with slow-motion scenes of his exploding artwork.

If you know of any other artists who do interesting work like this, please comment below…