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September 29, 2011

As designers, we sometimes deal with clients who may be on a budget but want a super cool business card, and want it quick. As designers, we might even be that client. A business card is often viewed as the first image a person has about your business and the work you do; once they see your business card they start developing ideas about the business and you. You want to have something that makes you look professional and different. Creating a unique business card really allows your business to stand out amongst the rest. I mean think about it — how many times have you seen an entrepreneur” use the same old template from an online printer? Often, huh? How do you feel about that person’s company and their quality? Well, don’t be that person. And don’t let your clients or your friends be that person. Today, we have gathered up a bunch of unique business card PSDs to help you in your process. And the best part is that they are FREE. So perhaps you need a quick fix or you just need a template to jolt your creativity. Whatever it is, enjoy and download some of these great PSDs!


This is one business card with four different color schemes. This one is very unique because including a texture in print work can be hard to pull off, but this template did a great job. The design is extremely clean and can work for almost any type of company.


This one has a minimalist yet friendly design that I really enjoy. Quite frankly, some folks either overdo or under-do the minimalist business card, but I think this card gets it right — especially for free. It’s illustrative and great for creatives and crafty businesses. Another great thing is that you can choose between three different reverse sides.


In this template pack, each card commits to a very attractive color. It’s very bold and pretty much demands attention. If you were to use this template, you’d have to get with your printer and pick out some really great paper to go with this and put some style on it. I can imagine this using the letter press technique.

4 – 8.

Five great business card designs to choose from that are extremely unique and all designed by me. They don’t have (or necessarily need) a back side, but are definitely different than most things you see passed around. Most of these are illustrative and are great for individuals — they’ve got a little something for every one.


This card would be great for a modern tech business or even a printer. The color palette is really pretty and actually brings a sense of elegance even though we are dealing with pretty geometric shapes.


Another minimalist card that’s pretty solid. The black and white is classic and great for anyone and anything, and it also means printing this card would be much cheaper than printing a color card. This is a great starter card.

11 – 20.

Here are ten free templates, also designed by me. Most of these designs are very illustrative, yet clean and simple. However, they do not have backsides. This is another well-rounded pack with something for everyone to enjoy.

21 – 27.

This is actually a 7‑pack of business cards that use photography on their business cards. I actually love to see pictures on business cards and would love to see more of it. These are a great solid starting point for photographers or folks who want to show off their products.


I thought this was pretty unique and screams lawn care services or a green’ product. Conceptually, it’s simple and only has three layers, but I like it and can really see it used with an amazing die cut card.


This is a great a template. You can see the detail in it and it’s absolutely perfect to me — I wouldn’t change a thing. Great for some sort of company and ready for print — what more could you ask for?

It’s not just a business card

Business cards could be that one thing that you have to show for your business. Many people make serious conclusions based on the look of your card, so make sure it’s something that reflects your business’ quality and purpose. You wouldn’t want to have a totally legit business, then hand a potential client a less-than-professional card, causing them to decide not to work with you. It happens every day, so be careful. You want to be able to hand a potential client a card and get them to jump to work with you. If you do not have time to develop a business card, use one of the ones above and get it printed professionally. Quality and individuality are really what make a business or business person stand out. Don’t be left behind because your business card sucks. This article was presented by the color brochure printing leader, Next Day Flyers. What are your experiences with the good and bad of business cards? Are there any PSDs you think should be in this list?

Kendra Gaines

Kendra Gaines is a freelance designer from Virginia, USA. Connect with her.

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