Win a Copy of “The Book of CSS3”

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Sep. 21, 2011

Today we have another awesome giveaway for all WDD readers where you can win 1 of 5 copies being given away of The Book of CSS3

As you know, CSS3 is the technology behind most of the eye-catching visuals you see on the Web today, but the official documentation can be dry and hard to follow and browser implementations are scattershot at best.

This is where Peter Gasston’s latest book can come in really handy. The Book of CSS3 translates the dense technical language of the CSS3 specification into plain English and shows you what CSS3 can do right now, in all major browsers.

It contains real-world examples and a focus on the principles of good design, it extends your CSS skills, helping you transform ordinary markup into stunning, richly-styled web pages.

Read on for more details about the book and info on how to participate…


You’ll master the latest cutting-edge CSS3 features and learn how to:

  • Stylize text with fully customizable outlines, drop shadows, and other effects
  • Create, position, and resize background images on the fly
  • Spice up static web pages with event-driven transitions and animations
  • Apply 2D and 3D transformations to text and images
  • Use linear and radial gradients to create smooth color transitions
  • Tailor a website’s appearance to smartphones and other devices

A companion website includes up-to-date browser compatibility charts and live CSS3 examples for you to explore. For more info, see the Table of contents and you can also visit the official book page: Book of CSS3



“The Book of CSS3 “is a book you more than likely should have, even if you think you already have a pretty good handle on everything CSS.”456 Berea Street

“I use a lot of CSS3 to control backgrounds and box elements, but there are entire sections of the CSS3 spec that I never really appreciated until I read this book.” Designorati

“This book is an absolutely fantastic resource for developers and serious designers and I would recommend a full read of the content.” Visual Swirl Design Resources


How to participate:

Simply leave a comment below. Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided. The results will be announced here on WDD and via email to the winners on September 28th, 2011. Good luck to everyone!


[UPDATE] The winners are:

#44 – Jorge Salitre
#387 – Peter McGrath
#103 – David Westbrooks
#24 – Bredhis
#385 – Jason Blancas