50 Graphic Tributes to Steve Jobs

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Oct. 24, 2011

With the passing of Steve Jobs this month, designers around the world are creating tributes.

Considering the impact Jobs had on the technology and design fields, it’s not surprising to see the number of creative designs created to pay homage to his legacy.

A great collection of these tributes have been recently posted to Behance.net.

Below, we’ve collected fifty of these designs, all inspired by the life of Jobs and the impact he had on the world.

Feel free to share other designs that we may have missed and let us know which ones you like best in the comments….


Dan Malarkey


Aakreit Sachdeva


Mohammed Al-Humran


Moanungsang Lemtur


Henk Nyenhuis


Nuno Queiros


G. Ciranna


Francois Hoang


Jessica Menda


Dado Lo Emer


Jimmy Landaburu


Alvaro Rojas


Simona Marino


Pascal Cataye


Paul Gomes


Mahmoud Alkhawaja


Zuka Daniel Zuleta


Shadman Ahmed


Cody Small


Gregbo Watson


Dennis Pfeil


Ryan Rachmanto


Gary Chew


Orighomisan Ogbebor




Ryan Ford


Marco Salvador


Mauricio Navas


Izumi Yeh-Ling


Prince Pal Singh


Patricia Villanueva


Joost van der Ree


Alejo Bergmann


Michael Myers


Jose Reis


Berto Martinez


Manish Mansinh


Takamasa Matsumoto


Alberto Russo


Javier Castillo


Felix Pharand D.




Tony Hsu


Kristian Hay


Colin Meda


Riyad Hamad


Roberta Burattini




Cristina Zialcita


Tharanga Punchihewa


What are your favorite tributes to Steve Jobs, featured here or elsewhere? Share them in the comments!