No Mobile Site? No More Excuses!

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Oct. 13, 2011

[Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post for Wix Mobile]

Considering the growth of the mobile web, not having a mobile accessible version of your website is akin to ignoring a huge segment of the internet population.

With more than 77 percent of the world’s population using mobile phones, and more than half a billion people accessing the web over 3G or faster connections, many of whom are mobile-only users (they rarely ever use a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer to access the web), ignoring this access point can severely limit your traffic and the success of your website.

While some mobile devices can handle websites aimed at desktop users, other phones don’t work as well. Smaller screens can become a nightmare with tightly-packed links or content that doesn’t adapt. This is why a mobile website can be a great option, rather than expecting mobile users to access your full website.

To make this entire process easier, Wix has recently come out with a freemium mobile site creator. Supported devices include iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone), Android and Blackberry (version 6 or higher). With the free version, you get a URL and basic features. Premium versions offer more options, along with premium support.

The Mobile Ads Free Package ($4.08/month if you prepay for the year, or $4.95 monthly) offers an ad-free site with click-to-call and click-to-text functions, as well as mobile maps and directions. The Mobile Domain Package ($4.92/month if prepaid for the year, otherwise $5.95 monthly) offers you the ability to connect your WixMobile site to your own domain name, includes auto-redirect, click-to-call and click-to-text functions, and the same mobile maps and directions in the previous package.

There’s also a Combo Package ($8.25/month if prepaid yearly, otherwise $9.90 monthly) that includes the features of both the Mobile Ads Free and Mobile Domain packages, as well as more storage and bandwidth, and a free domain name. The Mobile Unlimited Package ($12.42/month if prepaid yearly, or $14.90 monthly) includes all of the previous features, plus unlimited bandwidth. It’s a good option for sites with a lot of traffic.

Creating a mobile site with their app couldn’t get much easier. You just choose a template, then a category for the type of site you want to create. From there you’re given options for the content you want on your site, including links to call, text message, or email directly from the website (call and text message functions are only available in the premium versions). The call function is especially handy for many mobile users.

WixMobile makes it incredibly simple to get your mobile site up and running in a matter of minutes. Their templates are versatile, with design styles that can fit virtually any type of website. They’re constantly working on getting new templates out to users, as well as other mobile features.

There’s a thorough support section on their website if you run into any problems, including info about setting up your WixMobile site, upgrading, connecting your mobile site to your domain, and more. If you’re creating a mobile site, it’s definitely worth checking out WixMobile, since it makes it so easy to get a mobile site up and running in minutes.


[Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post for Wix Mobile. The opinions expressed in the article are the author’s only.]