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WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 14, 2012

If you own your own creative business, you’re probably interested in learning how to make more money doing what you’re already doing. Maybe you’re having issues closing sales, generating leads, marketing, making payroll, or other with other aspects of your business. The LessMoney Conference can help you learn to better deal with all those issues and more.

A lot of conferences out there for creative pros and small businesses are huge affairs, with hundreds of people and very little personability. The LessMoney Conference is different.

Limited to just fifty attendees, this two day conference (June 6th and 7th) in Tampa, Florida allows for a much more personal experience. There’s plenty of time for answering questions, looking at each attendees individual approaches, and making sure you have a clear view of how to make your business more profitable. This intimate setting provides so many advantages over the large, impersonal conferences usually available.

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The LessMoney Conference covers:

  • How to shape your business so it fits you by picking clients and projects you’ll enjoy.
  • Why it’s beneficial to have a business partner, how to find one, and how to maintain this relationship.
  • Marketing your skills and getting unsolicited leads.
  • Shaping your portfolio into something better.
  • How you can sell a $500k project, make clients realize they’re better off with you than without you, and how to close more sales.
  • Handling clients, managing big projects, dealing with upset clients, and how to keep your clients happy by managing their expectations.
  • Building a keeping a team, including how to find the best talent for the best rates, retaining employees, and creating an environment where people actually want to work.
  • Legal issues, including contracts, and how to avoid being sued.
  • Where you’re wasting money and how to avoid going out of business.

The LessMoney Conference is run by Allan Branch and Steve Bristol from LessEverything. They build LessEverything from scratch to a company that does over a million dollars a year in web consulting work plus over half a million dollars from their applications. According to them:

After blogging for a few years about running our business we noticed the highest traffic blog post were the ones where we talked in depth about the challenges we faced. So in late 2011, we decided to host a few small workshops about the business side of freelancing and growing a web consultancy (design or development shop).


Other conference speakers include Geoff DiMasi, of p’unkave, Carl Smith of ngen works, and Chad Pytel of Thoughtbot. They’ll reveal all their secrets for running a more successful, more enjoyable business.

And see what some past Conference attendees have had to say about the LessMoney Conference:

Less Money was life changing. I made some great friends and was able to immediately change things for the better. Already making more $.Vic from

LessMoney is group therapy for small business owners. It’s the most honest, open forum I’ve found for discussing the ins-and-outs of growing a consulting business.Jason from


Early bird tickets to the conference are $500. The LessMoney Conference is also running back-to-back with the Front-End Design Conference!

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[Disclaimer]: This is a sponsored review for the LessMoney conference.