Grunge Photoshop brush roundup

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April 12, 2012

We’ll be starting a regular series of roundups of the best free Photoshop brushes, in various themes; this week’s Photoshop brush roundup is on the Grunge theme. Grunge is a very bold style choice, and is characterized by its gritty style, dark, washed-out colors, and irregular shapes. Grunge textures can be so varied, from wood to metallic surfaces, fabric, paper and more as far as textures go, but also characterizing themselves by sharp cuts, or slow fades. They are all very similar in style, but offer subtle variations which can be used in conjunction with other similar or contrasting textures to create depth and wear.

Double Circle

A great set of grunge brushes focusing on a concentric grunge circle design with a good bit of variety so it’s likely to have the style that you’re looking for. 

Grunge Set

A standard set of grunge brushes to add that dirty and worn look to your designs. 

Subtle Grunge

Sometimes you only want to add a subtle hint of grunge to your design which is where this brush set excels, you can build up the layers to get a standard grunge texture or just use one and add a subtle hint. 


A hi-res set of 35 strange texture brushes’. A great selection of brushes with a lot of variety making this a really useful set. 


Halftone is a great set of grunge brushes, with some amazing peeling brushes that work really well, creating texture and adding depth to your image, if used well. 


A perfect worn out set of grunge brushes for adding a worn out look in your designs, characteristic of vintage designs. 

Crack Brushes

A great selection of crack grunge brushes that work really well, whatever your design, a rare pack that’ll cooperate with block colours. 


A standard set of grunge brushes, created from images of walls adding realism to the effect they create. 

Grunge Mode

A set of great quality, detailed grunge brushes which are great for your designs. 

Grunge Brushes 2

Another hi-res set great for adding texture to a background or an image. 

Grunge Brushes


Great brushes for Photoshop and GIMP that are well designed, with a great grungy feel. They are large making them perfect for larger, hi-res projects. 

Light Grunge

When you want to add a more subtle grunge feel, use a set such as Light Grunge; a great selection of 15 high quality light grunge brushes. 


Cracked is an awesome set of grunge cracked brushes that are high quality and look great. 

Naya Design Grunge Set

A great set of grunge brushes with an abstract feel, making this set stand out from many of the other sets. 

Grunge 03

An extra big selection of grunge brushes, perfect for adding a standard grunge feel. 

Grunge Brushes 4

A great selection of grunge brushes with a nice variety. Featuring a nice array of wall grunge textures too. 


Looking for something with a more dusty feel? Abstract, as the name suggests, is a brush set with an emphasis on a different’ feel to the traditional brush set. 

20 Brushes

A great selection of brushes for adding a subtle grunge feel, there’s a range of different textures included as well. 

12 Hi-Res Brushes

A great selection of brushes perfect for adding a grunge to feel to images to create interesting effects. 

Hi-Res Mess

As the name suggests this set focuses on messy, splatter like grunge brushes with a great outcome. 


A grungy, paintbrush set that work really with a graphic tablet allowing you to paint in grunge making this set quite unique. 

What are your favorite Photoshop brushes? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Rajan

Dan Rajan is a film student, creative content designer, and passionate writer from the UK, follow him on twitter!

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