101 Awesome new WordPress themes

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June 13, 2012
101 awesome new wordpress themesI'm a WordPress themes junky, as I'm sure a lot of the rest of you are. I love checking out new themes, both for ideas and inspiration, as well as to keep up to date on what's happening in the world of WP theme design. The great thing is that new themes are released on practically a daily basis. There are thousands of themes out there, a lot of which are truly awesome. And they just keep getting better. Designers and developers are really pushing the envelope of what WordPress can do, constantly creating better, more powerful themes. Regardless of what kind of site you're builddeing, it can probably be done with WordPress. Below are 101 new WordPress themes released in the past few months. A lot of them are free, but we've included plenty of premium themes, too.

Free themes

Free themes have come a long way in the past few years. Many now include features previously only found in premium themes. Free themes are a great place to start for your next project.


Workz is a free business and portfolio theme that's great for showcasing your work. It includes custom post types, as well as a "filterable portfolio" feature and pagination.


Bodega is a minimal business and portfolio theme that includes a custom homepage slider, custom post types, filterable portfolio pages, and much more.


Neptune is a portfolio and gallery theme that's perfect for a photography website. It includes a custom post type for the portfolio items, which can be organized into categories.


GoPress is a minimal, lightweight theme perfect for blogs, magazine, or news sites. The focus here is squarely in the basic post format, emphasizing your content.


Adapt is a free responsive theme with a clean and elegant design that's great for business or portfolio sites. It has built-in post types for homepage highlights and a homepage slider, as well as your portfolio.


Architekt is a unique, minimalist theme that was designed specifically to showcase architectural portfolios, though it's suitable for almost any kind of portfolio or image-heavy site.


Leon is a fully responsive WP theme based on the Skeleton boilerplate. It has custom menus, featured thumbnails, a theme option page, and more.


Shuttershot is a fullscreen slideshow theme that's perfect for photography sites. It can be configured to either display the full screen slideshow or a blog-style homepage with a regular image slideshow.


Zenshop is a free ecommerce theme for use with the Cart66 ecommerce plugin. It has a minimalist grid layout and supports custom post types, custom taxonomies, and more.


Axis is a fullscreen portfolio theme with many premium features. The homepage features a fullscreen slider, with options for transitions and delays between each slide.


Canyon is a news magazine theme with custom menus, custom widgets, featured thumbnails, and more. It also comes with five different color schemes and a configurable home page.


Rolex is an elegant business theme perfect for luxury goods and services. It includes a jQuery slider, a widgetized homepage, and more.


Nomad is a clean, elegant magazine theme with a two-column design and jQuery featured image slider. It includes CSS3 animation effects for the logo, and is WP 3 ready.


Vasiliki is a minimalistic theme with jQuery masonry for a dynamic grid layout. The content grids animate and rearrange as the browser window size changes.


Xenastore is an ecommerce theme for use with the Cart66 ecommerce plugin. It includes custom post types, taxonomies, metaboxes, and more. There's also a premium version you can upgrade to.


Yasmin is a responsive theme that includes features like custom post types, taxonomies, custom menus, featured thumbnails, and more. Portfolio post types are also included.


Valor is a theme for gamers. It includes things like custom post types, custom menus, custom background, metaboxes, theme options, and more. Three different post types are included: posts, reviews, and videos.


Western is a premium-style theme for tutorial sites. It includes custom post types (including one for tutorials), metaboxes, custom taxonomy, and more.


Origin is a free, simple responsive theme perfect for personal blogs. It's a parent theme built on the Hybrid Core framework, so you can easily customize it with child themes.


FontFolio is a grid-based theme designed to showcase your typography portfolio, inspired by the work of Svetoslav Simov from FontFabric.

Grid Style

Grid Style is a magazine style theme inspired by the fashion industry. It includes theme options, custom menus, and more.

Grid Theme Responsive

Grid Theme Responsive is a grid-based responsive theme that features infinite scroll. It's great for portfolio sites, and includes custom menus, theme options, widgets, and more.

Simple Grid

Simple Grid is another grid-based responsive theme, perfect for creative portfolios. It includes theme options, custom menus, and more.


Widely is a minimalist theme perfect for business, creatives, and portfolio sites. It includes a custom theme admin, custom widgets, a shortcode generator, and more. It even includes the Photoshop files.


Danko was created as a theme for charity organizations and non-profits, and puts the focus squarely on raising funds.


Tint has a simple, professional layout that lets you use custom colors on every element within the theme.


Good is a mobile-friendly blog theme that works with the Jigoshop e-commerce plugin. It includes built-in breadcrumbs, single post stylesheets, and more.


Fanwood is an all-purpose responsive theme with 18 widget areas, 12 optional layouts, and integrations for bbPress, BuddyPress, Jigoshop, and Hybrid Tabs. It supports all ten post formats, and includes a full-width layout, too.

Ultra Grid

Ultra Grid is a modern, minimalist grid theme perfect for portfolios. It includes support for custom menus and theme options.


BusinessPro has a business portfolio layout, perfect for company websites. The theme options panel includes support for advertisements and Google analytics.


ERays is a news-style theme with a featured content option. It's suitable for a variety of niches, but was designed with fashion sites in mind.

Pink Touch

Pink Touch puts the emphasis on color, texture, and typography. It includes a custom header, custom background, and three widget areas.

Fresh Citrus Magazine

Fresh Citrus Magazine has a calm color scheme and clean design that's perfect for niche sites. It's a two-column theme with right-hand sidebar and a featured slider for highlighting your posts.

JC One Lite

JC One Lite is a simple, minimalist theme built on the HTML5 boilerplate. It includes support for a custom background and menu, as well as customizable color schemes.


Gridly is a free, minimalist responsive portfolio theme. It includes an options panel, featured images, and a logo upload option, as well as two color schemes.


Panoramica has a fluid layout that works well on small and large screens alike. There's an extensive options panel for customizing its appearance, and images are heavily emphasized.


Illustrious is clean and well-organized, making it perfect for portfolio or business sites. Custom post types can display your site's main features, while the options panel gives you plenty of customization options.


Lugada is a minimalist, responsive theme with two columns and a built-in slider. It's perfect for blogs and includes a custom menu, header, widgets, and more.


Skirmish is a responsive two-column theme that's perfect for personal blogs. It has a clean layout and excellent typography.


Origami is a simple responsive theme that takes advantage of CSS3 columns for enhanced readability. It supports all the key media post types (photo, video, and gallery), too.


Photum is a clean portfolio site that's great for photographers. It provides a neutral, clean backdrop for your work.


Pronto uses the jQuery Masonry plugin to create a grid layout that re-adjusts with your visitor's browser size. It uses regular posts to create the site's structure, rather than custom post types.


Bizz is a clean and minimal theme that's perfect for business and portfolio sites. The homepage is built using custom post types (slider, homepage highlights, and latest portfolio items), making it very easy to set up.


Lysa includes eight color schemes, a two-column layout, and plenty of other features. It's easy to change the logo, and it also has a custom archive layout and six widget areas.


Blaskan is a free responsive theme built specifically for blogging. It's highly accessible, includes a variety of JavaScript libraries, and includes @font-face typography.


Reco has a clean and modern feel and can be fully customized to meet your needs. There are two site layouts included, plus a custom contact page.


Ascetica is an elegant, responsive portfolio/blog theme that's well-suited for bloggers, photobloggers, photographers, designers, and more. It features custom backgrounds, custom menus, custom page templates, theme options, and more.


Yaminth (Yet Another Minimal Theme) supports custom menus, threaded comments and Gravatar support, and more. Its clean, minimal design is modern and versatile.


Hatch is a a responsive theme from DevPress that includes a built-in Fancybox script, and utilizes core WordPress functions for image and gallery management. It's built on the Hybrid Core framework, which offers near limitless possibilities for expansion.


Delicacy is a free theme specifically designed for food bloggers, but can be adapted for a personal blog, too. It includes a drop down menu, custom meta boxes, and theme options, among other features.


Buttercream offers three different styles, supports all post formats, and an optional responsive layout for smaller screens.

Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme is a free responsive theme that adapts to any screen resolution or device. It includes a fluid stackable grid system, nine widget areas, a custom background and header, and much more.


Meeta is a simple blogging theme that includes unique widgets and custom templates. It's built on the WPZoom framework for easy customization.

Premium themes

If you can't find the perfect free theme, or you want ongoing support (which very few free themes offer), premium themes might be the answer. Here are some of the best released in the past few months.

Prooduct ($29 membership)

Prooduct is a premium e-commerce theme that makes it easy to publish, promote, and sell digital products. It has a clean, minimalist design, integrated PayPal gateway, custom theme administration, and you even get the Photoshop files included.

Invo ($29 membership)

Invo was designed for freelance workers, and includes a client area for simple communication, client invoicing, and two payment gateways (PayPal and 2Checkout). It also features a shortcode generator, Google maps integration, and custom theme administration.

Stomaci ($29 membership)

Stomaci is a classically modern design for restaurant websites. It includes a menu card, reservations, and events pages, as well as custom theme admin, custom widgets, color skins, and more.

Gleam ($39 membership)

Gleam includes flashy effects and full custom background photos for each page. It makes it easy to customize each section of your site, and even includes a full-screen portfolio section. It includes ajax loading, optional blog-style structure, and theme options.

Evolution ($39 membership)

Evolution is a fully responsive theme that comes with four distinct layouts. It includes four color schemes, threaded comments, and you even get the PSD files.

Trim ($39 membership)

Trim is a simple, versatile theme that's fast and professional. It's perfect for a variety of different websites, has unlimited color schemes, and includes an optional blog-style structure.

DailyJournal ($39 membership)

DailyJournal is a responsive theme for a personal blog with a fun and endearing design. It includes four color schemes, threaded comments, and a theme options page.

Photographer Theme ($69)

Photographer Theme is a responsive theme that's perfect for showcasing and selling your photography. It includes several portfolio page templates, a slideshow template, shop template, and more, with a beautifully clean and simple design.

Notes ($39)

Notes supports a variety of different post formats, including image, video, gallery, and more, just like a tumblog. The theme is styled based on the iPhone Notes app, with a light textured background, and has a fluid layout that adapts to any resolution or screen size.

Gridport ($49)

Gridport has a fluid grid that instantly responds to changes in screen sizes on any device. It also includes V-Grid animation for your product page images, an optional pop-out shopping cart tab, and customizable color scheme.

Edge ($49)

Edge is a simple theme with two different layouts and a large homepage slider. Product pages are shown in grid view, while individual single product pages are well-designed and spacious.

Eleven40 ($79.95)

Eleven40 is built on the Genesis Framework, and was designed to grab a reader's attention. It's a responsive theme with four color styles, six layout options, custom background and header, and more.

Proto ($19)

Proto is minimalist but offers a lot of visual creativity. You can change the colors, backgrounds, and turn on or off select page elements. You can even have different layouts for the blog, archives, categories, author posts, full single posts, and even search.

Emotive ($19)

Emotive has an old school look blended with modern design conventions. It includes an accordion menu, two different blog styles to choose from, over sixty theme settings, and stylish typography.

Incantation Professional ($19)

Incantation Professional is a clean, minimalist theme with over 120 theme settings and plenty of flexibility to customize the overall look and feel. It includes six blog styles, flexible front page templates, custom widgets, and more.

BioSphere ($19)

BioSphere has a ton of customizable options, including an almost unlimited number of color style combinations. It also has a floating menu bar that floats behind the main content.

Handmade ($60)

Handmade was designed specifically for cooking blogs and sites, with a unique home page layout. It also includes beautiful gallery features for showcasing your latest creations. It's even e-commerce compatible.

Azione ($60)

Azione is a video blogging theme that allows for unlimited videos to be displayed on the home page, as well as support for self-hosted videos. It even has oEmbed support, so all you have to do to include a video is cut and paste the URL.

Mag.Press ($60)

Mag.Press is a magazine theme framework that includes the new Obox Typography Manager among other comprehensive features. It also has a custom slider, multiple home page widgets, a home page gallery slider, and custom video sidebar widget. It's even e-commerce compatible.

Kiosk ($60)

Kiosk is an e-commerce theme designed to sell a single product. It supports galleries or thumbnail views for multiple product images, has a header image uploader, and even features a blog.

Portfolio ($68)

Portfolio is a responsive theme for designers, photographers, and other creative professionals. You can create and organize multiple portfolio pages, add video, photos, or text to your portfolio items, and much more.

Duet ($68)

Duet is a two-column theme with a sophisticated style designed for writers, journalists, and business bloggers. It has a responsive layout, featured slider for showcasing important posts, and three beautiful color schemes.

Chalk ($68)

Chalk is aimed at teachers and creative bloggers. It includes tons of great features, including to-do lists, chats, links, podcasts, photos, and video.

Hoon ($75)

Hoon has a simple design built with HTML5. It includes a custom audio player and playlist capabilities, a responsive layout, and much more.

Reportage ($49)

Reportage is a news site theme with a grid-based layout, excellent typography, and sharp styling. It's responsive design adapts to any screen size while maintaining an elegant, readable site.

Le Journal ($49)

Le Journal is a magazine/news theme that's great for any publishing-style site. There are several widgetized sections, and a three-column layout that's great for displaying advertising and affiliate links.

Sharpness ($49)

Sharpness is a child theme for the Backbone Framework, designed to showcase photography with minimal distractions. It includes a variety of customizations through the theme options panel, plus features lieka hover effect to show photo details, rounded thumbnails on your profile, and more.

Magazine Explorer ($69)

Magazine Explorer is a spacious magazine theme with unique widgets, custom features, and a mobile-ready design. It's built on the WPZoom Framework for easy customization, and includes a responsive layout.

Discovery ($69)

Discovery is a business theme that's well-suited to a variety of different kinds of websites. It's easy to adapt and customize, includes a featured posts slider, and up to four highlighted static pages.

Whitelight ($70)

Whitelight includes a clean and responsive design, with a customized modular homepage. It also has portfolio functionality and works with WooCommerce (via a child theme) for your online store. It has a featured slider, custom typography, and more.

SMPL ($70)

SMPL is a responsive business theme with a clean, modular design. It integrates with WooCommerce for easy e-commerce setup, and includes a custom homepage, portfolio features, and a featured slider.

Merchant ($70)

Merchant is a responsive theme for portfolio, personal, or business sites. It includes Woo Component widgets for a truly customizable homepage, as well as JS Masonry for advanced layout controls.

Designfolio Pro ($79)

Designfolio Pro is fully responsive, with a filterable, responsive portfolio feature and Flex Slider with iPhone/iPad touch capability. There's also a limited-feature free version available.

Emporia ($99 membership)

Emporia is a minimalist responsive theme with three-column page layouts, slideshow support, and five alternate styles. It's a chile theme for the Base theme framework.

Seneca ($99 membership)

Seneca is an e-commerce enabled responsive theme that also works great as a stand-alone blog theme. It lets you manage your personnel, products, video, and blog posts directly.

Gridspace ($99 membership)

Gridspace is a responsive portfolio theme that works with vertical, horizontal, and square images. It supports seven post formats, a custom portfolio post type, and multiple page templates for customizing your homepage.

Crescendo ($35)

Crescendo is an elegant, clean theme that's ideal for portfolio, photography, and business sites. It comes with light and dark styles, extensive theme options, and page templates for both blog and portfolio pages.

Endless ($35)

Endless is a stylish theme with infinite scrolling functionality. It includes some awesome HTML5 and CSS3 features, and even a Facebook-style timeline layout.

Volumes ($40)

Volumes is a bold portfolio theme that's perfect for creative professionals. It has a responsive design, supports custom backgrounds and post formats, and offers a filterable portfolio.

Trine ($35)

Trine is a responsive portfolio theme that's packed with useful elements. The featured section can be displayed as a static image, video, or slider, and theme options allows for the homepage to be rearranged.

Next ($35)

Next is a responsive business theme for business or portfolio sites. It offers touch controls and sliders, Retina-display ready, and custom backgrounds.

Iris ($35)

Iris is a clean and responsive theme with tons of shortcodes and a custom background for each page. It supports Vimeo and YouTube videos, an Ajax portfolio loader, and more.

Marriage ($35)

Marriage is a responsive theme for wedding websites. It has a minimal design with stitching details, simple colors, and custom web fonts. The custom admin panel makes it easy to edit the settings, change colors, or modify the layout.

Drench ($35)

Drench is an HTML5 theme that's perfect for business or creative pros. It's fully responsive, offers full-size Google maps integration, Flex Slider, and Isotope Project Manager.

Prokon ($30)

Prokon is a clean blog and portfolio theme that offers a customizable highlight color via a backend color picker. It offers simple theme options, shortcodes, and Google maps integration on the contact page template.

Method ($35)

Method is a smart responsive theme that's beautifully designed for agency or business websites. It's easy to customize the colors, backgrounds, and layout of the theme, with just a few clicks.

WowWay ($35)

WowWay is a modern, responsive theme that includes creative galleries, sliders, and effects. It also supports custom backgrounds for each page, lots of shortcodes, and two portfolio displays.


Oh! is a one-of-a-kind responsive portfolio theme that offers a flexible layout (stretched or fixed layouts), built on a 960 pixel grid. It supports blog post formats, shortcodes, and much more.

Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman is a freelance writer and designer from New England. You can visit her site or follow her on Twitter.

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