An Illustrated NYC

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Jun. 14, 2012

There are nearly a million buildings in New York City (including all five boroughs). That’s a lot of buildings.

It makes me wonder whether James Gulliver Hancock, an Australian illustrator living in Brooklyn, is aware of that fact. Why, you might ask?

Well, because Hancock has set out to draw all the buildings in New York. That’s right. All of them.

It’s a huge undertaking, and one that is, frankly, quite awesome. So far he’s got more than 350 illustrations finished. It’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s still a laudable number. And with a virtually un-ending supply of buildings to draw, he could keep this project up forever.

His illustrations are all documented on his Tumblr blog, aptly titled All the Buildings in New York. You can sort by borough or by building type (including number of stories, location, color, and more). Below are twenty of my favorites (including some of my favorite buildings in the city).


354 Broadway


450 East 83rd Street


Fishs Eddy, 889 Broadway


Canal St. China Town


944 Park Avenue


Carroll St, Gowanus, Brooklyn


Andrews Avenue, The Bronx


Hook & Ladder 29, 138th Street, The Bronx


South 1st St., Brooklyn


P.S.1 (M.O.M.A.)


62 Bank Street


75.5 Bedford St., “Thinnest Building”


845 UN Plaza


211 East 53rd Street


730 5th Avenue


1 Central Park South – Redux


New York Times Building


Google Building NYC


19th Street


At the South Edge of Central Park