Need Help Pricing Your Services? There’s an App for That!

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Aug. 22, 2012

[Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post for MyPriceApp]

How often do designers, especially new ones, have issues figuring out how much to charge for their services?

Charge too much, and you end up with no clients.

Charge too little, and you may end up with either too many clients who are only interested in cheap work, or clients who doubt your ability because you’ve underpriced.

Either way, you lose out.

That’s where MyPrice comes in. Just download it to your iPhone and you’ll get a thorough calculator for figuring out what to charge for common creative jobs.

MyPrice has a lot of great features, including an expense tracker that helps ensure all of your expenses get covered in your hourly rate, CloudSync so you can access your quotes from both your iPhone and iPad, and Freshbooks integration.

One of the most useful features, though, is the fact that MyPrice includes more than 75 project templates, everything from setting up a Twitter account for someone to a full responsive website design.

MyPrice also offers up to three professional tips a week to help you reach your goals, and soon they’ll be adding a worldwide job board to help you find more work.

In practice, the MyPrice UI is quite slick. Just fill out the questionnaire, and it will calculate your ideal price. The questionnaire is broken down into several categories: Freelance Life, which includes questions like “What’s your main profession?” and “Do you freelance fulltime?”; Location; Education; Work Experience; and Expenses, which breaks down both monthly and yearly expenses, as well as personal and business expenses.

The biggest downside to the questionnaire is that you have to answer every question or it gives you an error icon on the Profile screen (though it appears to still be able to calculate your ideal rate).

As far as the hourly rate calculator’s accuracy, when I entered in my details, it calculated a rate that was within 10% of what I normally charge anyway, so it seems to be pretty accurate.

Once you get an hourly rate, you can also quote entire projects on a per-project basis. The per-project questionnaire is short, taking into account your time and the type of project. From there, it calculates what you should charge for the project. This seemed to be less accurate than the hourly rate calculator (as it figured ten hours of research for writing an article which would only be billed at only 120% of the hourly rate), and it’s unclear exactly how the app figures this. It’s still a useful starting point, though. And you can send the quote directly to FreshBooks from within MyPrice.

Each time you start using a new feature within the product, you get a simple walk-through that explains what the feature does. This is really valuable, and because it’s kept short (just a few screens), it’s un-intrusive.

The video below gives a complete picture of what MyPrice can do.

Regardless of your level of experience, MyPrice can help you more accurately and fairly quote projects big or small. And for a limited time, it’s free in the app store.

Download MyPrice for iPad/iPhone 

[Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post for MyPriceApp]