Phenomenal Usability Bundle

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Nov. 16, 2012

We’ve all been in the situation: sat opposite a client, having delivered your best ‘gimme a job’ pitch. You’ve walked them through your folio, you’ve explained your client centered approach, you’ve even hinted at the strategies you think will effectively position them in their market.

But they still don’t look convinced. The client takes a long sip of water and then says, “That all sounds really swell, but … I was hoping for something special. What can you do to really make us stand out? How can we take this to the next level?”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to answer?

Fortunately there is something you can do that will boost your clients up to that next level and win you tons of repeat business: you need to start designing for usability.

Great content will deliver hits, and a well designed site will draw users in; but the key to converting well and providing your clients with a phenomenal return on investment is usability.

Usability and UX design are two of the most in-demand skills on the net right now, but there are thousands of resources out there, most of them conflicting and few of them authoritative, where can you start to pick up these techniques? Well, why not turn to a name you can trust:

This sensational bundle from includes six high-quality e-books with over 900 hundred pages between them, produced by one of the leading names in the field: Smashing Magazine.

There is so much great information packed in here that it’s going to take you literally weeks to absorb it all, so make some room in your schedule. The books cover usability, UX (user experience) design and the psychology of website design. There’s two whole volumes on practical techniques to make sure that you not only talk the talk, you walk the walk too.

The modern web is too complex, too competitive and too unforgiving to put together a site, without utilizing the techniques covered in these guides to deliver a successful ROI.

These books complement each other perfectly so you can be sure you’ve got all the angles covered.

It’s never been so easy to step up your game.