Illusion Meets Reality

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  Dec. 28, 2012

It’s not uncommon for those who find themselves working in the creative arts to be thought of as magicians. After all, starting with nothing and winding up with brilliance (after pulling an all-nighter) is sometimes nothing short of supernatural.

But YouTube sensation Brusspup has taken the art of illusion to a whole new level with his mind-blowing work of anamorphic perspective.

In his recently released video, the enigmatic artist shows us unsuspecting viewers a series of household items — think a Rubik’s Cube, roll of tape, and tennis shoe — before pulling the rug out from under us. By simply turning the paper, what our minds believed were three-dimensional objects are revealed to be genius displays of anamorphic art.

Seeing is believing, so take a look for yourself.

Make the magic happen yourself by printing out the same images found in the video, courtesy of Brusspup:

Rubik's cube


Have you used optical illusions in your work? What effects did you achieve? Let us know in the comments.