3D Printing with Foldify

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  Jan. 09, 2013

Sometimes apps are just apps—but other times they’re cultural phenomena (think Angry Birds). And while the jury’s still out on what place in history the new app Foldify will assume, we may have something akin to the addictive Draw Something on our hands; only this time, the end product is something you can—quite literally—hold in your hands.

Produced by Pixle, a team of three Poland-based geniuses, Foldify is an iPad app that lets crafty kids of all ages create colorful 3D images with a few taps of the finger, before printing, cutting, and folding them into super-cool figurines. Plus, you don’t have to be an artist-in-residence to make the most of this app; Foldify has tons of free content, stamps, and tools to construct your very own mini-masterpiece. And like any savvy app, more add-ons can be purchased from the in-app boutique.

Check out the demo to get the full picture.


Want to make Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars? Actually, my seven-year-old does—and thanks to the templates offered in the app’s initial version, a car (along with a bus, tree, house, and shapes) is available to get the ball rolling. Simply pick a template; then use the color brush, pencil, and googly-eyes, hair, mouths, etc., to bring your model to life.


Your work of art then can easily be printed, shared on Facebook or Twitter, sent via email, or posted in the impressive online store, where you can also see and print other inspired works by fellow Foldifiers free of charge). The app’s launch price is only $1.99—a total steal for the hours of artistic fun you’re getting.


One final feature worthy of mention is perhaps my favorite: The real-time 3D preview. A split screen lets you preview what you’re drawing, as you draw it. Brilliant!


Who knows if Foldify ultimately will have the mojo needed to become a household name. But if you ask me—and my iPad-obsessed 2nd Grader—this thing is about to take off.


Have you tried Foldify? What other approaches to 3D printing have you tried out? Let us know in the comments.