Norman Rockwell in Gotham City

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  Jan. 07, 2013

Few things scream Americana more than Norman Rockwell’s iconic Saturday Evening Post covers. Inherently charming and idyllic, the 323 original illustrations remain heart-warming reminders of simpler times — so why not produce a semi-creepy tongue-in-cheek pastiche featuring The Dark Knight himself?

Artist and cartoon aficionado Mark Dos Santos took up the challenge with a series of six original posters in the style of Rockwell. Featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, Cat Woman, and more on the cover of the aptly titled Gotham Evening Post, these reinvented portraits blend Rockwell’s wholesomeness with Gotham City’s darkness. From The Caped Crusader and his feline lady friend at a soda counter to The Joker presiding over Thanksgiving dinner, Dos Santos’ whimsical interpretations of Norman Rockwell’s nostalgic illustrations still elicit a smile — even if they do swap sweet for scurrilous.

Batman Christmas
Batman Hot Chocolate
Joker's Thanksgiving
Joker and Harley Quinn
Batman Jailbirds
Batman and Catwoman


What do you think of Dos Santos’ Rockwellian efforts? What other cultural icons could be reimagined in Norman Rockwell’s style? Let us know in the comments.