Sensational Deal on Photoshop Actions

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Feb. 07, 2013

Photoshop opens up such a huge range of possibilities for photography enthusiasts. And Photoshop actions make it easy for almost anyone to create amazing shots, regardless of your Photoshop proficiency.

Our sister site,, has an incredible deal on a set of more than 200 Photoshop Actions available, in 14 themed sets. Each set includes between 10 and 36 Actions, each giving a different flavor to your photos.

All the actions in the deal are non-destructive, meaning your original photo layer remains unchanged. This makes it easy to roll back to the original if you don’t like the results.

HDR images are hugely popular, and can be absolutely stunning. But capturing the multiple exposures you need to create them the old fasioned way can be nearly impossible without specific, often expensive, photography gear. The Faux HDR Actions package lets you mimic high dynamic range photo effects without requiring multiple exposures of the same photo.

Faux HDR Actions
Faux HDR Actions

Want to create warm and inviting images but not sure how to go about it? The Autumn Actions package offers 15 Actions to give your photos a warm feeling, perfect for both portraits and outdoor shots.

Autumn Actions
Autumn Actions

Instagram and Hipstamatic, along with other smartphone camera apps, can be mostly credited with the revival in vintage-style photography. There are three Vintage Actions packages, totaling 37 Actions in all, to give your photos a nostalgic feeling without spending hours making adjustments.

vintage actions volume 2
vintage actions volume 1

Another nostalgic-feeling set is the Faded and Hazy Actions, which includes 11 Actions that give your photos a soft, slightly faded look. It’s a great option for portraits, but looks good on other kinds of photos, too.

Faded and Hazy Actions
Faded and Hazy Actions

The Cross-Processing Actions package has 10 filters that will remind you of vintage Lomo and Holga-type photos. They work great for virtually any kind of photo, and can be easily customized by editing the adjustment layers.

Cross-Processing Actions
Cross-Processing Actions

Other action packages include Light Leaks, Soft Colors, Natural Light, Fashion Actions, Sunrise & Sunset Actions, and more.

light leaks
soft colors
natural light
fashion actions
sunrise and sunset actions

Because each action’s effects are kept in their own layers, it’s easy to customize each one to suit your needs. All of these Photoshop actions require Photoshop CS4 or higher, and don’t work with Photoshop Elements. Check them out!