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40+ Humorous Print Ads

All work and no play, allegedly, makes Jack a dull boy. And advertisers seem to agree; globally, major brands seem more interested in making us laugh than selling a product; and for good reason: humor is one of the best ice-breakers. If a brand can make you happy, they can make you open your wallet.

With that in mind, ad execs often turn to the humorous, irreverent, or even outlandish to break through the clutter and demand attention. Sure, sometimes jokes fall flat; but do it well, and the effect goes beyond the eyes — to the brain, to the emotions, and most of all, to behavior change.

And so, for a bit of Friday fun, we thought we’d share some amusing, irreverent, strange and comical adverts from around the world. Enjoy!

3M Post-It: Making a Difference, Boyfriend


Tums Extra: Lamb


Bearded Lady Bourbon: The Search


Volkswagen: Park Assist Technology, Hedgehog/Fish


Playtex: Tattoo Boy


The Cape Times: William


Nataraj Pencils: Wrecking Ball


Energy Australia: Treadmill


Huggies/Kimberly Clark: Political


New York International Latino Film Festival: Serial Killer Movie Recipe


Milky Way: Skaters


Volkswagen: Park Assist Technology, Car Jack/Glass Truck


Etch A Sketch: Sushi


San Francisco SPCA: Waiting Room


Old Spice Swagger: Action Hero


Alo Ultra: Spaghetti Napolitan


Maxam Civilization: Egypt


Blackstar Bikes: Panda


3M Scotch Tape: Chameleon


Ferretti Yachts: When the Master’s Away


Pymes Magazine: Milk


Volkswagen: Park Assist Technology, Portaloo/Hearse


Kaleva Newspaper: Underground


Santher: Misses


Visa: Stanley Cup Playoff Beard


El Comercio Newspaper: Pig


Toshiba: Studying


Kyivstar: Shared Birdfeeder


Colgate Dental Floss: Smile, 3


Arjuna Yoga Centre: Woman


Volia Broadband: Titanic


Ibuprom: Woodpeckers


Santher: Scout


Sky Company Parachuting: Wind


MasterCard Canada: Women’s Golf Classic


Witte Molen: Last Wish


Wrigley Orbit: Cow


3M Privacy Filter: For Your Eyes Only


Bench Fix Hairstyling Products: Gecko


Volia Broadband: King Kong


The Art Director’s Club: Keep Fighting the Good Fight, Illustration


McDonald’s: Tiffany


Which of these ads is your favourite? Do they do a good job of selling the product? Let us know what you think in the comments.