Seeing Through Walls

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  Mar. 12, 2013

Human beings are masters at strategically building walls to hide our innermost selves. But what would happen if those metaphorical barriers were suddenly see-through, effectually forcing us to bare our souls for the world to see?

In her series called The Invisible Wall, Peruvian artist Ana De Orbogoso masterfully shows us what it would look like if what we’re holding back — that thing which invisibly separates us from each other — were to peek through. Her artful composite images show men and women covering their faces with their own translucent hands, adding a ghostly quality to the finished shot.

Behind our individual walls we each keep hidden our prejudices, our preconceptions, our highest aspirations. Our individual walls serve to protect us … an edge between what is hidden and what is revealed.

Ana De Orbogoso

Having recently been on exhibition at Crossing Art in New York, this thought-provoking series has been called a “visual confrontation”. Indeed, De Orbogoso’s work is a reminder that within each one of us lies more than what meets the eye. And when we acknowledge that these personal barriers exist we move, albeit uncomfortably, closer to true authenticity.


What symbolism do you see in De Orbogoso’s work? Does art reflect more than a mirror is able to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.