Deal of the Week: The Ultimate Shortcodes Collection

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 09, 2013

The most popular CMS out there, WordPress has a ton of great features; probably the best of which is its extensibility.

Taking advantage of that Lizatom Shortcodes provides literally thousands of shortcodes and countless shortcode combinations, to give you a simple, easy to implement solution for improving your site’s design.

Consequently, we’re delighted to say that our sister site,, has managed to bring back the hugely popular LizaTom Shortcodes Plugin deal.

One of the best WordPress Shortcodes plugins available, the LizaTom Shortcodes Plugin is very lightweight, cross-browser compatible and easy to install. As well as great CSS3 staples, there are some awesome jQuery effects as well, including tab interfaces, accordion and infoboxes.

Hundreds of CSS3 buttons are included, you can define any icon, color or size that you like. Add tooltips or 3D shadows to images. Sleek looking pricing tables, pull-quotes, beautiful dropcaps and more are all featured. Tabbed content, accordions, custom lists and columns are all added in seconds with a simple code in your WordPress admin panel.

The deal price on is just $19, which is a fantastic discount of 85%, go get it before it’s gone!



Have you use LizaTom Shortcodes? Which did you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments.