Graphic Designer Dad’s Lunch Bag Surprise

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  May. 28, 2013

Pulling a peanut butter and jelly, or ham and cheese on rye out of your lunchbox every day can get boring pretty quickly, but Evan and Kenny LaFerriere don’t have that common school-kid problem. Their dad, Massachusetts-based graphic designer David LaFerriere, has been illustrating their sandwich bags with colored Sharpies nearly every day since 2008.

What began as a creative outlet for David as he packed his kids’ lunches quickly turned into a morning tradition. Come noon-hour, the boys and their friends were tickled to find drawings of robots, monsters, Santa Claus, spectacle-wearing fish, and a multitude of other quirky characters adorning their sandwich baggies.

With approximately 1,100 drawings — most of which were photographed by LaFerriere — it’s clear that this Superdad isn’t short on inspiration. And since he plans to keep going until his kiddos go off to college, he’s going to need plenty of ideas — and a whole lot of Sharpies.



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