Kandinsky Style Type

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  May. 03, 2013

Lovers of abstract art are undoubtedly familiar with the superlative Wassily Kandinsky — the Russian-born painter, printmaker, and theorist who was recognized as having painted the first purely abstract compositions in modern art history. As a tribute to the pioneering expressionist, Turkish graphic designer Sinan Buyukbas has created a series of stunning 3D typographic art — aptly titled “Kandinsky Type” — to reflect Wassily Kandinsky’s groundbreaking style.

Using bold, striking hues and funky shapes to craft the letters, Buyukbas states he approached each character as a blank canvas, channeling the creative mojo of Kandinsky with both color and form. In fact, one look at the painter’s work known as “Composition X” (1939) makes it easy to see where Buyukbas got his inspiration.

Free-spirited, whimsical, and even a bit indulgent, the finished product of this typographic experiment is the perfect homage to the abstract expressionism of the Russian trailblazer. Enjoy!


How well does Buyukbas’ design capture the spirit of Kandinsky? Is this a suitable subject for type design? Let us know in the comments.