WDD Acquires CodeVisually.Com

Walter Apai By Walter Apai  |  May. 03, 2013

I’m thrilled to officially announce that CodeVisually.com has been recently acquired by Webdesigner Depot and is now part of our growing family of sites.

If you don’t know the site yet, Code Visually offers a simple way to discover the latest web development resources and tools out there. We cover CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, frameworks, browser extensions, web apps and tools, CMS templates, CMSes, wireframing tools and a lot more.

The site has been online since 2011 and was created by Paul Andrew, the webmaster of the popular blog Speckyboy.com, and has been gaining tremendous popularity among web developers ever since. Developers visit it daily to read about all the latest tools and resources. The website is often checked by many of the major design/development bloggers so that they can report on the latest resources, even though it’s not always given recognition as being the original source. It’s one of those little secrets among bloggers that’s not so secret anymore!

A few days ago, Code Visually was relaunched with a brand new design along with some new features and a fully responsive design. You can now ‘favorite’ any resource that you wish, so that you can easily find it later. We’ve also added a weekly newsletter that delivers all the latest resources to your inbox every Tuesday. Go ahead and sign up, it’s free.

For developers wishing to submit their resources, please refer to this page: Submit a resource

For webmasters, we have created a free widget that allows you to embed the latest resources right on your blog or website. That way you can display valuable and relevant content for your readers.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the site and keeping it fresh with the latest and coolest content. New resources are added daily.

A big thanks to Paul Andrew who has done a fantastic job at creating a really useful website for the developer community. We will thrive to keep on improving on an already excellent website while we hope that you continue to enjoy it in its new home… 

 Head over to CodeVisually.com to check out the latest resources…