Want to Be a Designer? Learn the Secret Handshake

Ben Moss By Ben Moss  |  Jun. 17, 2013

The Secret Handshake is a fabulous project, aimed at helping young designers (18–25) find their way into the industry.

You should always quantify the advice you take based on who’s giving it to you, and The Secret Handshake — set up by Bright Bright Great — offers advice from some hugely successful industry names, as well professionals who’ve looked through thousands of job applications.

The advice is filterable based on résumés, application processes and organizing your portfolio. There’s also a series of events, although to date these have mostly taken place in Bright Bright Great’s backyard of Chicago.

With advice like this, any would-be designer would be wise to spend some time browsing the site. And if you’re already established, why not try contributing some of your own experience? 



Do you disagree with any of this advice? What advice would you contribute? Let us know in the comments.