Deal of the Week: John Forsythe’s Professional Text Effects

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Oct. 25, 2013

Sometimes being flat is what a design calls for, at other times we get the chance to really let fly in Photoshop and create photo-realistic textures for our user interfaces.

Of course, not everyone is an expert illustrator, and even for those who are the painstaking process of rendering realistic textures — like marble, metal or wood — is so time-consuming that it’s simply not viable.

That’s why our sister-site,, has worked hard to bring back its hugely popular deal on the renowned John Forsythe’s Professional Text Effects.

This deal was so popular the first time it ran, the huge public demand meant that it simply had to be run again.

Forsythe’s text effects are layer styles for Adobe Photoshop that instantly convert flat text into realistic 3D textures, with a single click.

Of course, we don’t always want to apply this kind of texture to text, and these ‘text’ effects can actually be applied to any shape or layer in your PSD, again, all with a single click.

The effects include all kinds of metal, from highly polished chrome, to rusty iron; there are glass effects, including fully transparent glass; there are even natural textures like leather and wood.

Incredibly, there are over 1500 effects in this set, more than you could possibly exhaust; but the effects also allow you to control light and shadow across the textures, as well as color, giving you almost endless possibilities.

Creating photo-realistic textures has never been as easy as these effects make it, and not one ounce of drawing ability is required.


This set of effects usually retails for $49, but for a limited time you can buy them for just $19, that’s a fantastic discount of 61%. Head over to right now and grab this offer before it’s gone for the second time!


Have you used John Forsythe’s Text Effects? Which effect is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.