Deal of the Week: Lunchbox Typeface

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Oct. 10, 2013

Lunchbox is a beautifully designed typeface that brings a sense of hand-crafted goodness to your projects. In a world where companies are perceived as distant, it’s great to see a typeface that can invest a personal touch in your brand.

Ideal for any project that needs to emphasize wholesomeness, friendliness and a little fun; Lunchbox is best used for organic food suppliers, wholesome diners and small businesses involved in their community.

One of the big flaws with any hand-written font is that once you use a character twice, the identical designs are obvious immediately; that ruins the illusion of a hand-written message and with it, the idea of personal service, which was probably the reason you chose the font in the first place. Lunchbox solves this problem by giving you 4 variations on each letter. That means that whatever your content, you can be sure it will maintain the cool, hand-crafted feel that you’re hoping for.

Lunchbox features uppercase, small caps and lowercase. There are 1500 different characters across light regular and bold.


To add even more personality the caps, small caps and lowercase characters feature stylistic alternatives; you can add on some chunky swooshes for a little extra flair; you’ll even find ornaments.

As a final tool in your suitcase, Lunchbox includes a custom set of discretionary ligatures. That means you can combine the characters into a more stylised version of themselves. Ligatures are available for the most common letter combinations and they’re a great way achieving that final professional finish. In fact, this set of fonts has enough to keep the most demanding typographer happy for days.

Normally you’d pay $60 for this typeface, but thanks to our sister-site,, for a short time only you can grab it for just $17. That’s an amazing 72% off!


Have you used Lunchbox in a project? What do you think it would be suitable for? Let us know in the comments.