Test Your Brand Knowledge with Name That Blue

Penina Finger By Penina Finger  |  Oct. 29, 2013

Name That Blue is a deceptively simple online game that asks you to identify which household name brands go with which shade of blue. Is that IBM or Nokia? Twitter or Skype? Just click on the brand name for instant feedback and feel the pressure rise along with your score.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Is color one of your superpowers? Got any deadlines you were planning to blow? If you make it back here in the next couple of days, comment and let us know how you did.

Once you’ve mastered those blues (and still no deadlines you really mean to keep), click the “Want more than blues?” link at the bottom of the page to try another color. Once you do, the ramped up challenge becomes multicolor. Exactly whose insipid lavender, audacious green or glorious, sunshiny yellow is that?

More sites and businesses are still being added, and if you really kick it, you’ll unlock the reds.


Procrastination in even higher gear? Check out semi-secret, experimental Blue That Name.

The masterful and insidious creation of web developer Colin Gourlay, the source code for Name That Blue is available for scrutiny and forking on Github. Gourlay is also on Dribbble, by the way. At this writing, there’s just one post — the cute transitioning animation between drawer icon and close button for his Name That Blue slide-out menu.


What’s your favorite blue? How did you score in the game? Let us know in the comments.