Was IOS7 Designed in Microsoft Word?

Ben Moss By Ben Moss  |  Oct. 22, 2013

Since the beta release, there have been countless complaints about the look and feel of iOS7.

The community at large has been perplexed as to how Jony Ive — Apple’s senior vice president of design, who was previously known for such sophistication and constraint when designing hardware — managed to produce such an ugly user interface.

Finally, it seems like Vaclav Krejci has found the answer: he designed it in Microsoft Word!

Take a look at Krejci’s stunning video below and watch him create a realistic version of the iPhone5, complete with iOS7 interface, using just Microsoft Word.

Of course, Ive probably didn’t use Word. His software budget must be almost unlimited, and iOS7 was almost certainly designed in Adobe CS6. But if Krejci’s video demonstrates one thing it’s that in the hands of a master, the worst tools can achieve a professional finish; conversely, no amount of flashy software can disguise a lack of ability.

Perhaps Apple should hire Krejci to design iOS8, they’ll get the same quality finish, at a fraction of the price.


How do you think iOS7 was really designed? Is Microsoft Word a good design tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.