Deal of the Week: Verb Font Family

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Nov. 01, 2013

Looking for a good alternative to the tedium of Helvetica? Us too, and we think we’ve got the answer right here.

Out sister-site,, has revived its sensational deal on the Verb Font Family, giving you access to this powerhouse of a font for for just $37!

What’s so great about Verb? Well, for starters the Verb Font Family contains 72 separate fonts. Verb includes 9 separate weights, from Extralight thru Regular and up to Ultra; it includes 4 different widths, compressed, extra condensed, condensed and regular; it even has genuine italics, which is rare in this price bracket.

What makes Verb a must-have font for all designers is that it covers an incredible range of use-cases. It’s a great workhorse font for body and display text, with just enough character to be interesting, whilst maintaining the large x-height and open counters that keep it legible.


The simple shapes and almost angular curves, give Verb an honest, workmanlike feel that makes it ideal for business branding as well as being highly usable on the Web.


Verb is packed with OpenType features, including small caps, ligatures and old style numerals. There’s even extensive language support, including newly updated German characters.

Verb comes in desktop or webfont formats, but if you really love it (and why wouldn’t you) you can get both for just $57.


The normal price of the Verb Font Family is $169, which means you’ll save an incredible 78%. Hop over to right now to grab this offer whilst it lasts!



Have you used Verb in a design? What uses have you found for it? Let us know in the comments.