Deal of the Week: Wiescher Design Fleurons

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Nov. 08, 2013

Fleurons are typographic elements, much like swashes; they add an elaborate touch to display text, they create borders and frames; they can even be used as background patterns.

Complex to draw, these carefully balanced fleurons from Wiescher Design are an excellent addition to any designer’s toolbox. The calligraphic nature of the lines adds a hand-written touch to even the most formal type schemes.

Perfect for creating the sense of personal service, they are excellent when used for legal firms, financial advisors, and any kind of company that needs to present both formality and heritage.

Our sister-site,, has put together a great deal on these 7 ornament sets; that’s 6 full sets of fleurons and an extra set of ornamental frames.

Styled after flowers and leaves, these great fleurons range in scope from very modern abstract designs, to beautiful baroque swirls.

Delivered as fonts, the vector outlines will scale and remain crisp at whatever size you choose to use them.


These fantastic typographic devices normally retail at $276 for either the desktop or webfont version, but thanks to, you can get the desktop set for just $12, or splash out and get desktop and web versions for just $19. That’s an amzing 96% discount.

Head over to to grab this great offer whilst you still can!


Do you use fleurons in your designs? Which style do you favor the most? Let us know in the comments.