50 Freebies That You Have to Try

Juan Pablo Sarmiento By Juan Pablo Sarmiento  |  Jan. 24, 2014

We’ve all been there: the moment when we realise that our project is missing something. With deadlines looming and clients on your back, what you really need is a great resource or two to dig you out of the hole.

Today we’ve got 50 freebies that may just save your skin. We’ve got lots of different resources of all kinds. You’ll find beautiful icon sets, perfect for the web, applications and social sharing. There’s JavaScript and jQuery plugins, including sliders. Some UI kits, frameworks and code experiments. Some useful free fonts and tons more resources.

Let’s jump right in…


AC Line

A light, uppercase font, suitable for headlines.

AC line font


Social media icons

A simple flat design set of icons, covering most social networks.

Social media icons


Flux slider

Hardware accelerated transitions using CSS3.

flux slider



Sentry is a simple, powerful, and easy to use authorization and authentication package.

Sentry plugin


iOS7 icons

A huge pack of retina-ready app style icons.

iOS7 icons



A plugin for lazy loading.

imager.JS lazy loading plugin


Yet Another Framework

Yaf claims to be the fastest and lowest resource consuming PHP framework available.

Yet another framework


Free awesome flat UI kit

A stunning interface for use on mobile apps.

Free awesome flat UI kit


Mega menu CSS

A simple drop menu built in CSS.

Mega menu CSS


Responsive Flat UI:

A responsive and flat UI for websites.

Responsive Flat UI



Hide your header until it’s needed.




A JavaScript library that adds voice commands to your sites and apps.



Perspective sidebar:

A CSS3 animated menu that adds perspective to your site.

perspective sidebar



A funny, semantic, interactive table plugin that uses jQuery, HTML5, and JSON.

Dynatable plugin


Fozzie Got a Posse

An organic typeface with lots of lowercase variation, based on graffiti.

Fozzie got a pose font



jQuery clock/timer/countdown, plugin in a skeuomorphic count down style.

Flipcountdown plugin



Image content with description building with CSS3 and Less.

InContent, imagen content description


Bubble Time

A fun and fancy bubble effect.

Bubble time CSS



Super flexible and light-weight jQuery plugin that generates a aimple, feature-rich and mobile ready slider

sGlide plugin


New York

An abstract all-caps font.

New York font



Natural language processor built with JavaScript.

Knwl.JS plugin


Responsive Photoset

A fluid and flexible photoset technique.

Responsive photoset


Kari Font:

A beautiful clean font for retro projects.

Kari Font


Homizio Nova

A simple typeface that includes light, regular and italic weights.

Homizio nova font



Interactive globes for the Web.

Planetary.JS plugin



Hallo Sans font, available in light, regular and black weights.

Hallo font


The Depending Theme

A grid based portfolio theme.

The depending theme



CSS3 loading animations.

Spinkit CSS animations


Dark Transparent UI kit

A dark, modern looking interface with user profile elements.

Dark transparent UI kit


Instagram UI

Useful vector Instagram interface.

Instagram UI


Kind web icons

490 icons for Web.

Kindweb icons



A simple font in multiple weights, ideal for editorial headlines.

Kaiju font


Music dashboard

PSD concept for a modern music app.

music dashboard PSD



A library of swipe elements with nice animations.

Slip.JS plugin



A simple set of infographic UI Elements with a clean style.

Infographics PSD set


Off canvas menu

A simple menu with animation options.

Off canvas menu


CSS Lint

A Web tool to improve your CSS coding skills.

CSS lint web tool



A handwritten font inspired by Comic Sans.

Barokah handwritten font



A powerful WordPress theme best suited to news sites.

Times-teel WordPress theme



Responsive lightbox for scrolling and swiping elements.

TosRUs lightbox plugin


Adaptative backgrounds

jQuery plugin for adapting background colors to the dominant color in an image.

Adaptative backgrounds JS plugin



A modern looking HTML template with a countdown clock.

Wijayakusuma HTML template



A flexible WordPress theme for magazines.

Maeja WP theme



A jQuery plugin that automatically detects and highlights strings of code.

Highlight.JS syntax highlighter



An edgy, geometric font.




A minimal theme for Ghost, best suited to blogs.

Detox Ghost theme


Retro vintage labels

48 labels with a vintage style for any kind of project.

Retro Vintage labels


Light patterns

Subtle patterns with realistic light textures.

Light patterns Set


Responsive without max-width

Another stunning experiment for improving the Web.

responsive without max width


Shaky animation

A nice library for creating cartoon-like animations.

Shaky animation


Have you used any of these resources in a project? Have we missed something you rely on? Let us know in the comments.