Deal of the week: Respublika font family

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January 23, 2014
Deal of the week: Respublika font family.

respublika_thumbnailIt’s often difficult to settle on a strong sans-serif. So many carry a lot of baggage with them; Helvetica is everywhere, Arial is Helvetica, Verdana really only works on screen, and everything else is hugely expensive.

So we were really excited when our sister-site,, arranged this sensational deal on the beautifully balanced Respublika typeface, designed by Gregori Vincens and Malou Verlomme.

Respublika is a humanist sans-serif, featuring a simple overall form, but packed with little details that impart its character. Just take a look at the cursive-style finials on the lowercase ‘a’, ‘h’, ‘m’ and ’n’. Zoom in close and look at the way the ends of the vertical stems have been curved to create a friendly welcoming feel.

Respublika is the perfect contemporary corporate typeface. Simple, modern and legible; whilst being warm, friendly and approachable; Respublika is the ideal choice for branding anything from an engineering firm, to an accountancy practice, to a dentist’s office.

Superbly legible, especially online, Respublika features 10 different fonts: light, light italic, regular, italic, bold, bold italic, extra bold, extra bold italic, black and black italic; giving you a full range of expressive possibilities. What’s more, each font comes with a full range of analphabetic characters, enabling its use for most western languages.







Desktop fonts are delivered as .otf and .ttf and work on Windows and Mac, webfonts comes as .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff and will work with @font-face CSS rules.

This great typeface normally retails at $390 for just the desktop fonts, but act quickly, and you can download all 10 fonts from MightyDeals for an incredible $47, that’s 88% off! Alternately, why not opt for the desktop and web versions for just $67?

Have you used Respublika in a project? What uses do you envisage for it? Let us know in the comments.

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