Infographic: Professional Web Designers Vs. Amateur Users

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 07, 2014

Ever wondered where all the money in web design goes? Perhaps you’d like to take a larger cut of it? Well this fantastic infographic from Webydo will help explain just where all that money gets spent, as well as where businesses are succeeding and failing.

Webydo is a fantastic website builder that enables designers to skip the development process, and design a website using an intuitive drag and drop interface instead. With Webydo taking up the strain on the development side, you’re free to task your energy, and your budget, to create a responsive website. Whether you start with a blank canvas, or pick one of Webydo’s templates, it’s the professional solution for designers who need to deliver everything from simple brochure sites to complex CMS or e-commerce solutions; but lack the budget, or inclination, to hire a developer.



[ This is a sponsored post for Webydo ]


Do you use Webydo? Where does your web design budget get spent? Let us know in the comments.