Typographicposters.Com Presents a Beautiful Overview of Poster Design

Melody Weister By Melody Weister  |  Feb. 19, 2014

Typographicposters.com is a hidden gem of a site, that displays the artwork of a host of talented graphic designers in poster format.

The work on display is not chosen haphazardly but rather held to a very rigid set of design standards, according to site founder André Felipe. Each piece chosen is reviewed individually and must meet a certain level of design quality.

“Rather than promoting design work in a “what’s new” blog format, we form a collective platform of designers that conceives posters with a strong focus on typography and expressive graphical compositions, with the intent that it inspires others.”

The result is a stunning collection well-off the beaten path and with a host of new and interesting work for us to peruse.

The work of shutupandance, a one-person design studio based out of Berlin, caught my eye immediately; these posters juxtapose deconstruction with a meticulous attention to form, resulting in a captivating series.


Posters by shutupandance.



Posters by Boris Bonev.

By constrast, the simple and yet elegant creations of Chris Welsby, based in London, capture one’s attention with basic shapes used in unexpected ways. Varying in schemes from monochromatic to boldly pigmented, his work pushes boundaries from within very clearly defined lines.


 Posters by Chris Welsby.



Posters by Catalin Margarit. 

Also hailing from Berlin, Felix Wetzel has created a series of dynamic posters that balance bright primary colors with uniquely intertwined shapes or photographs.


Posters by Felix Wetzel.



Posters by Lucas Blat.

Amongst Swedish design studio Lundgren+Lundqvist‘s many engaging and creative works, possibly the most endearing poster of the lot. Set against a basic background, it simply reads: “This text was set in FS Emeric ExtraLight by Extra Lightweight Designer, Anna Iversén, who is 14 years old and spent a few days with Lundgren+Lundqvist during a field trip. Her favorite color is green.”


Posters by Lundgren+Lundqvist.



Posters by Paul Sin.



Posters by Nazario Graziano.



Posters by Lobke Van Aar.


What do you think of the work on typographicposters.com? Which designers are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image/thumbnail, detail from poster by Paul Sin.