Deal of the Week: Anodyne, 6 Distressed, All-Caps Fonts

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 28, 2014

One of the biggest problems designers have on the Web is combatting the sterility of the screen; as human beings we love organic, natural, even slightly random elements, but our computers give us precision.

If you can tap into that starved need for a real natural feel then you’ll make an emotional connection your customers won’t be able to resist. So we’re delighted that our sister-site,, has arranged a massive discount on Yellow Design studio’s Anodyne typeface.

Anodyne is a set of six fonts, all uppercase, with varying levels of distress, creating a sense of hand-printing, and that natural connection that’s so valued.

Imagine Anodyne burnt into the oak of a whiskey barrel, printed on a vintage style t-shirt, or gracing a hipster logo.


Anodyne is a masculine, outdoorsy kind of typeface, with the warmth to be comfortable in more domestic environs.

Included in the deal are six different styles; Anodyne, Anodyne Italic, Anodyne Combined, Anodyne Combined Italic, Anodyne Shadow and Anodyne Shadow Italic. Each alphabetic character comes with 4 distress variations, with the rest of the fonts’ glyphs having at least 2 variations each. Using opentype contextual alternatives is a great way to ensure that your design doesn’t look contrived.


Both desktop and webfont variations support a huge number of languages, including most European and several Asian languages.


Anodyne normally retails at $39, but for a limited timeyou can get all 6 fonts for just $9, that’s a 75% discount. Or, if you prefer you can get both desktop and webfont versions for just $15. What’s more, if you’re building an app, you can purchase the desktop and web versions along with a mobile app license for just $90. Head over to MightyDeals now to take advantage of this offer.