50 Fantastic Freebies for Web Designers, May 2014

Juan Pablo Sarmiento By Juan Pablo Sarmiento  |  Apr. 30, 2014

The best thing about the Web is the number of awesome freebies that generous members of the community release. It’s mind-blowin’ how cool some of the free stuff that we can download is, from themes, to icons, to fonts.

With this much available, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so every month we’ll bring you a selection of our favorite tools, designed to make your task a little easier.

This month we have 50 freebies for your delectation. Among them you’ll find tools, icons, fonts, applications, scripts and much more. All free to download right now.


Promesh Two

A free retro athletic font.

Promesh Two font



A soft font for headlines.

Focus Font



A small grunt.js runner.

Pint: GruntJS runner



An awesome website layout builder.

Velositey PS plugin


Moderne sans

A clean sans serif typeface.

Moderne Sans Font


Bourbon neat

A lightweight grid for Sass and Bourbon

Bourbon Neat Framework


Sign in / up flow

An iOS style login template in PSD format.

Sing In/Up Flow



Self hosting for your Dribbble portfolio.



Flight indicators

A jQuery plugin to display high quality indicators.

jQuery Flight Indicators


Blurred backgrounds

High resolution jpg files for all your projects.

Blurred backgrounds


Sliding Image Divider

Code experiment for sliding images.

Sliding image divider



Handwritten slim font.

Miletra Handwritten font



Nice modern widget for tracking commercial flights.

American Airlines



Mobile user interface patterns.



Lossy Gif Compressor

Modern gif compressor based on gifsicle.

Lossy GIF compressor


Galaxy S5 Mockup

A realistic mockup of the most recent Samsung phone.

Galaxy S5 mockup


Facebook Covers

Elegant timeline covers for your Facebook pages.

Facebook Covers



Real time metrics for nginx.

ngxtop plugin



Google code prettify CSS and JS code experiment.

Stylish: Google code prettify



Modern IRC client built with web technologies.

Slate IRC client



A handdrawn font in three weights.

Enyo Font


Vector Flourishes

20 hand drawn vector flourishes.

Vector Flourishes



Modal UI concept.

Avgrund modal UI


Layer Exporter

Amazing plugin for Adobe Illustrator.

Layer Exporter for illustrator


Flat Devices

8 pure CSS mobile devices.

Flat Devices


Retro Logos

10 retro logo badges in PSD.

Retro Logos


Side sliding menu

Soft and swift code experiment for menus.

Side Sliding menu



Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs.

FastClick library


Mini set icons

21 beautifully crafted icons.

miniset Icons



HTML5 rendering engine for games.

Cut JS framework



Simple sans serif font in 4 weights.



CSS 3D flip box

CSS and JS code experiment for flipping content boxes.

CSS 3D flip box


Johny Strocker

An all caps display font.

Johny Strocker font


Curved Text

A jQuery plugin that aligns text to any curve.

Curved text plugin



Responsive HTML5 theme for beauty and salon themes.

zenigma HTML theme


Amsterdam Superstar

An all caps display font.

Amsterdam Superstar font


Purple UI kit

A responsive HTML UI kit.

Purple UI kit


Business newsletter

InDesign template of 4 beautiful pages.

Business indesign newsletter


Leather texture set

A big package of seamless textures with sources.

Leather texture set



iOS 7 wireframe templates.



Centro Carnes

A nice set of cooking icons in a neon style.

Centro carnes icons



Highly readable multipurpose font.

Bierunt Font


Densia Sans

Economic sans serif designed for small sizes use.

Densia Sans font



Flat portfolio PSD template.

Mabur PSD template



jQuery grid plugin.

jqGrid plugin


Intro Condensed

An all caps font with basic Latin and numerals.

intro Condensed font


Animated Clay Typography

PSD and AE animated typography.

Animated clay typography



Experimental font created with Nodebox.

Kocoon font


Spinning Wheel

CSS and JS experiment for a useful spinning wheel.

CSS spinning wheel


Mobile Icons

A massive bundle of more than 10000 icons.

Huge mobile Iconset


Featured image/thumbnail, uses food image via Frank Lindecke