Celebrating 25 Years of Adobe Originals

Melody Weister By Melody Weister  |  May. 22, 2014

The Adobe Originals program launched in 1989 with its first type designs: Adobe Garamond, an historic revival with an emphasis on contemporary typography; and Utopia, an original type design.

The launch of the program sent a very clear message to the communities of both design and type professionals that Adobe was getting serious about typography. Since the launch of Adobe Garamond and Utopia, the Originals program has produced some of the most used and widely recognized typefaces, including Myriad, Minion, Trajan, Lithos, and Adobe Caslon.

Now, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Originals program, the combined teams of Typekit and Adobe Type are producing a blog series to commemorate the history of type at Adobe, discussing how and why new typefaces are made, and talking with well-known and respected designers about their perspectives on Adobe Type.

Along with this effort, which will run throughout the summer, they’ve also made their 100th typeface family, Source Serif Pro (featured above) available free. The companion to the incredibly popular (and also free) typeface family Source Sans Pro, Source Serif works equally well on paper and on screen. It’s available to all Creative Cloud members, including trial users, for desktop and web use through Typekit’s free and paid plans.

Designers are also planning on adding more weights together with italics in the future, so those with an interest in typography will definitely want to keep an eye on the development of this typeface!