Deal of the Week: Exclusive New Thirsty Soft Font Family

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 01, 2014

If you recall the incredibly popular Thirsty and Thirsty Rough typefaces, you’ll be excited as us that our sister site,, has arranged another fantastic deal; this time it’s an exclusive on the hotly anticipated Thirsty Soft Font Family.

Thirsty Soft is the latest, and we think greatest, incarnation of the Thirsty typeface by Yellow Design Studio.

Its vintage charm will be a winner with designers and clients alike, and the rounded terminals in this latest version serve to heighten the friendliness that the typeface exudes.


Thirsty Soft features 6 different weights, extensive language support, and a choice of numerals. But what really sets Thirsty Soft apart from the competition are the awesome alternatives and carefully selected ligatures, which offer great variation—essential when you’re setting text to appear hand-drawn.


There are so many uses for Thirsty Soft it’s hard to know where to start. Certainly, the 1950s feel is perfect for companies with old-fashioned values such as farmers markets, breweries and quality work clothing. You could also feature the face in hipster branding, cigar packaging, adverts for vacation resorts, in fact just about anywhere you want to evoke the spirit of americana.


As well as the desktop version—which is comaptible with MacOS and Windows—Thirsty Soft is available in a specially optimized webfont set, delivered as .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.

Once widely available, this font family will retail at $49 for the desktop version, but through the exclusive deal available only through MightyDeals, you can get priority access for just $9, an incredible 80% discount! Alternately, purchase the desktop and web versions for just $14. If you’d like to use Thirsty Soft in a mobile app, you can buy a license for just $90, saving yourself $300 off the full price.

Head over to MightyDeals right now to grab this exclusive offer!