Transform WordPress into a WYSIWYG with MotoPress

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 29, 2014

If you work with WordPress sites, then you know how frustrating the built-in editor can be. Whether it’s superfluous markup, outdated CSS, or its habit of truncating spacing, the default editor in WordPress can cost you hours of time.

There is an alternative though: MotoPress.

MotoPress is an exciting plugin that actually replaces the default WordPress editor, providing all of the same functionality, and then some. Just check out the awesome demo.

No need to hack away at HTML and hope that WordPress doesn’t strip out your hard work: MotoPress lets you design your content by dragging and dropping. Just create a new page and manipulate content just as you would in a design application.


MotoPress includes a ton of additional elements designed to make your life easier. There are charts, tables, buttons, image sliders, image holders and much more. You can simply drag the content you need onto the stage, arrange it to your liking, even define properties like alignment and color, and you’re ready to publish.

If you’re building for your own site, the MotoPress is currently just $29 per year, but you can save a ton of bucks if you’re a business—or more likely, a web designer—by opting for their business, or developer plans that allow you to deploy to 5, or unlimited sites respectively.


Because MotoPress has been designed for the needs of today’s WordPress professional, its output is fully responsive, which means that however you choose to configure your content, it will be fully adaptive to any screen size.

Best of all, MotoPress works with any theme. You don’t need to make any changes to your installation, or even install a specific theme, just install MotoPress in your dashboard and you’re good to go.

[ This is a sponsored post for MotoPress ]