Boost Your Design Prowess with This Surprising New App for Creatives

Stacey Kole By Stacey Kole  |  Jun. 12, 2014

You may have thought it was the extra caffeine intake that makes your coffee-house visits extra productive, but studies show that it may not be the beans that get your creative juices flowing.

An American design and business development team have released Coffitivity, an app designed to mimic the sounds of a humming coffee shop and in turn increase your creativity—that at least, is the theory.


Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop, the retro-modern style app features three similar sounding tracks—Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge and University Undertones—that can be played alongside your usual music playlist. It’s every hipster’s favourite soundtrack, but will it help you work? We tried it out for a few hours, and despite our initial skepticism, it actually did seem to help.

Set the volume on Coffitivity to be a little quieter than that of your tunes, and voila—the warm hustle and bustle of your favorite java joint is brought to life in your quiet workspace. Download the free app and on those days you can’t work remote, your creativity doesn’t have to suffer—Coffitivity serves up enough noise to work.