Deal of the Week: Get Certified Training in All of Adobe’s Software From Train Simple

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 06, 2014

Web design is one of the most exciting fields to work in, but keeping up with the technology involved can be a challenge; and when you add into the mix the industry’s favorite software, Adobe Creative Cloud, the amount you need to learn just to keep pace is staggering.

However, thanks to our sister-site,, mastering both web design and the Adobe eco-system doesn’t have to be impossible, because we’ve managed to arrange an incredible 53% discount off an annual membership to Train Simple.

But it gets better: you can elect to take out a lifetime membership for just $79. That’s a staggering 97% off!

Once you’re signed up you’ll find that Train Simple is chock full of amazingly instructional videos, so much so, you’ll wonder how you ever learnt anything without them.

This is the best course [JavaScript] I’ve found to help me understand the way syntax is written. Other courses like [competitor] assumes it is already understood from how it is shown. I wish I would of found this a year ago.

There are over 5000 professionally produced videos to choose from. You can learn everything from HTML5 to the latest Photoshop and Dreamweaver techniques.

An excellent introduction to Adobe Illustrator. The instructor takes the time to explain the functions of the application in enough detail sufficient to get you up and running, without overwhelming you with too much technical detail. I primarily took this course to gain a better understanding of how I could create graphics for web applications.

What’s more, new courses are being added all the time; videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speedgrade and Prelude will all have videos added this month.

Each video comes with the tutorial source files, so you can easily follow along with the tutorials, and build a great collection of demos as you go.

Train Simple is an official Adobe Authorized Training Center, and they’re relied upon for staff training by some huge companies such as Google, Disney, Nike, and USA Today.

I decided to change my career and knew that there were many more skills I needed to have. Train Simple gave me those skills and gave me credentials I could add to my resume.

A 1-year membership usually retails at $100, but for a limited time you can get it for just $47.

The lifetime membership is worth $2,500 but MightyDeals are giving you the chance to enrol for life, for just $79.

Head over to MightyDeals today and start improving the way you learn.


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