Deal of the Week: Gorgeous Gioviale Script Font

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 12, 2014

With the current fashion for hand-lettering, any designer who isn’t at one with a brush and ink may find themselves at somewhat of a disadvantage in the current climate.

Fortunately our sister-site,, has arranged a tremendous deal on Laura Worthington’s beautiful Gioviale typeface; the elegant swashes and curves of which, are the next best thing to taking the years of calligraphy courses required to draw letters this beautifully balanced.

Drawn with a wide-nibbed pen and filled with energy and vitality; Gioviale is an ornate, yet modern, typeface that manages to combine generous swashes with careful legibility for the ultimate high-class handwritten feel.

Each uppercase character has a swash alternative, and the lowercase letters have dozens of stylistic alternatives. There’s a set of ornaments included. All told, there are over a 1000 glyphs included. Gioviale even comes with Regular and Bold variations.


Gioviale is perfect whenever you need to convey the notion of professional services, whether that be for a lawyer, doctor, accountant or CEO.


Gioviale is available as both a desktop for Mac and Windows (.ttf and .otf formats) and as a webfont (.eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats).

The normal price for the desktop font is $37, but thanks to MightyDeals you can get it for $15, that’s a 59% discount! Or, you can purchase desktop and webfont versions for just $22!

Head over to and grab this offer today.