New Analytics Solution Hotjar Insights Offers Free Beta Access

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Aug. 19, 2014

You know how you want your visitors to use your site, but do you know how they actually use it? Do you know exactly when they tap on your CTA, or more importantly, why they don’t?

The Web is unique in the history of publishing, in that we can measure precisely what our audience likes, and dislikes, about our product. Never before have designers had such insight into what makes their customers tick.

New tools for gathering and assessing this intelligence are released all the time, but few show as much promise as brand new Hotjar Insights.

Hotjar is unique in that it combines a wide range of tools into a single, easy to manage, package. Whilst many professionals have to use dozens of tools to discover what works, and what doesn’t, on their site, Hotjar users will find the same features at a fraction of the cost; with pricing at only $29 per month you could save yourself over $3500 per year! Amazingly Hotjar is unlimited, meaning that a single plan allows you to monitor as many sites as you like.

Hotjar’s premium feature is its detail heatmaps, showing the taps, clicks and scroll events triggered on your site; letting you see exactly what draws your customers’ eye.


Hotjar allows you to build simple feedback and exit polls to quickly gather your users’ opinions, but if you’re looking for more in-depth answers, you can also build online surveys to dig deep into what motivates your clientele. Send out the survey links on the Web or via email, and find out what people really think of your site.


As well as asking customers directly, you can also monitor users with funnel analysis, watch where they enter and where they abandon your site. Finding that last little obstacle to them completing the call to action could be just a few clicks away. On top of funnel analysis, visitor sessions are also monitorable, so you can watch the path a user takes through your site, and start to understand what works, and what doesn’t.


You can even compare taps and clicks from before and after any changes you make, to ensure that any revisions you make truly are for the better.


All of your Hotjar data is stored in the cloud and accessed via a single control panel: no more tabbing between browser windows to compare different analytics insights, Hotjar handles everything with one set of complimentary tools.

Public beta for Hotjar launches on the 30th August, but you can get free early access by signing up on the Hotjar site. Just enter your email address for your free beta access.


[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hotjar –]