Deal of the Week: Eveleth Font Family

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Sep. 19, 2014

We can’t get enough of fun new typefaces. So, we’re delighted that our sister-site,, have managed to arrange an 82% discount on Eveleth font family from Yellow Design Studio.

This set of 16, bold, all-caps, fonts are a solid choice when you’re looking for a rugged print aesthetic.

Mimicking the texture of print from wooden fonts, there are 6 different distress options for every character. As well as some fabulously chunky letters, you’ll also get some fantastic shapes and funky icons. There are even optional spurs, and non-distressed versions.

Eveleth is a great option whenever you need to reference a craft tradition. Its imitation of printed lettering is ideal for a hand-made feel. Use it on T-shirts, websites, stickers, signs, and just about anywhere else!

The download includes 16 professional fonts, comprising of 3 unique sub-families: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Slant Light, Slant Regular, Slant Bold, Dot Light, Dot Regular, Dot Bold, Icons, Shapes, Shadow, Clean Thin, Clean Regular, and Clean Shadow.


The regular price for this awesome font family is $49 (for the desktop version) but for a limited time, you can download all 16 fonts for just $9, that’s an 82% discount! Or, download both the desktop and webfont versions for just $15.

Head over to MightyDeals to download the Eveleth font family today.