The periodic table of web design

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September 05, 2014
The periodic table of web design.

Smart web development agencies follow a standard process when designing new websites, starting from the client's brief and moving smoothly and logically through a variety of steps to website launch and maintenance. The way to achieve this is all down to being able to visualize and verbalize the web design process effectively.

Of course all web developers know what they need to do — but imagine how much easier it would be if there was a generic “Master Plan” to follow, one that could be shared with the team and the client to allow everyone to monitor progress and see what comes next.

And so we share with you a can't-live-without infographic that details every step that must be taken to get a new website live and in front of an appreciative audience: from the project brief, to planning, design, development, launch and right through to the all-important maintenance phase.

Periodic Table of Web Design Process

Each and every element that needs to be considered when designing a new website is covered.

You want to explain to your client why you can't provide them with a new website mock-up within a week? Just go through all the steps of the Project Brief and Planning phases with them — explain the importance of getting the basics right before your graphic designers get to work.

Maybe you've hired a fabulous new graphic designer who is already visualizing the website pages without fully understanding the look the client wants or the budget restrictions — refer to the infographic to help explain why fundamental aspects need to be agreed with the client before they can let their creative juices run wild.

Once everybody understands the intricacies of the web design process and see where and when their contribution is required, all your projects will run far more efficiently.

Dmitri V. Logounov

Dmitri V. Logounov is the founder of New Design Group Inc, a web design company in Toronto focused on defining effective brand development strategies and delivering fresh, creative graphic solutions that work. Over the past 12 years he helped around 300 start-up businesses in various industries.You can get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

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